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Oshpizin to the house

A series of meetings on family finances on Paamonim’s Facebook page

This Sukkot holiday we all stay at home (or in the sukkah), so we have organized a series of fascinating meetings on family finance with a variety of experts, led by Elazar Pinkovich – Director of the Southern District and Paamonim Consulting.

Join us, every evening on Chol Hamoed Sukkot at 20:30 onour Facebook page

Sunday 4/10 | I am bored! – About parents, children and lockdown


  • Sigal Diner Gur – multidisciplinary creator and the woman behind “Sigidi’s World”.
  • Galit Mitzpe – Parenting and family expert and accompanies families in processes of change.
  • Michaela Kellerman – Director of the Jerusalem envelope area at Paamonim and lecturer on women’s entrepreneurship.

Monday 5/10 | Where is our money? – On financial assets in an era of crisis


  • Maya Haran Rosen – PhD student and economist in the Financial Department of the Research Department – Bank of Israel
  • Lior Zohar – Director of the Strategy and Innovation Department in Pension Savings – Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority
  • Sheila Kam – Director of the Government Program “Financial Leaders” at JDC Israel

Tuesday 6/10 | Growing assets – on investments and passive income

With Ora Ariel – Financial Advisor and Lecturer – Director of the “Optimistic” investment blog

Wednesday 7/10 | Who stole my motivation?

With Amir Dolev – researcher and lecturer on motivation and economic coach

Thursday 8/10 | Receiving, giving, and everything in between


  • Alex Shillman – social psychologist and behavioral economics expert
  • Daniel Sharon – Actuary, Paamonim volunteer and the entrepreneur behind the WILLING app
  • Racheli Itzkovich – Director of the Paamonim Family Center, takes care of the mothers in the mother-to-mother unit.



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