Mentoring and Guidance

Paamonim offers tailored financial mentorship through a comprehensive range of services. We at Paamonim hold the confidentiality and security of your personal information in the highest regard.

Our services are built on mutual trust, transparency, and shared commitment. These services, whether delivered in person or remotely, are facilitated by our professionally trained expert volunteers who are equipped to provide specialized and tailored solutions, all under Paamonim’s guidance.

Long-Term Personal Mentorship and Guidance

A personalized approach to understanding and applying smart financial strategies, regulating expenses, and elevating one's economic position

What benefits can you expect from the mentorship process?

A structured journey of learning, mindset shift, and tool acquisition for informed financial decision-making, both now and for future household management. The individual guidance is custom-tailored to cater to diverse populations

What is covered in the process?

  • Review and map the financial circumstances.
  • Planning realistic and adjusted budget targets.
  • Gaining tools and techniques for effective money management.
  • Taking decisions to reduce debts and close overdrafts.
  • Advice on family finances to sustain progress.

How is the process carried out?

Our expert advisors, who volunteer with Paamonim, provide financial guidance and personalized support. The duration of assistance is tailored to individual needs and can extend up to a year.

Short Term Paamonim Consultation

Crafting a financial strategy and budget tailored to one's present circumstances, considering expenses, debts, and income. Up to three consultation sessions are included

What skills will you gain from our sessions?

Up to three meetings for financial mapping, budget building, and life path planning, a brief reference to debts, learning tools, and a referral to professional counseling as needed.

What’s covered in the sessions?

  • Review and map the family’s financial situation.
  • Planning realistic budget targets by category.
  • Receiving specific recommendations for wise financial conduct.
  • Planning a future economic path for the household.

How is it structured?

One to three personal meetings are provided on a voluntary basis by financial advisors.

Group Guidance for Family Economics

Gaining insights, tools, and hands-on experience for effective financial management to overcome overdraft challenges. Hands-on group sessions.

What can you expect to learn from the course?

Group sessions where participants embark on a journey of cognitive and behavioral transformation, equipping themselves with tools for smart financial decision-making both now and in the future.

What’s covered in the course?

  • Assessing and understanding your financial status and spending habits.
  • Setting realistic budget goals by category.
  • Gaining tools and insights for sound financial behavior.
  • Group support and collaborative learning from members’ experiences.
  • Family financial advice from our Expert Center consultants.

How is this set up?

A series of five group sessions, led by volunteer expert instructors as part of an interactive workshop

Next steps

  1. Fill out the form

    The referral form requires personal details and fundamental financial information to better understand the nature of your situation and specific needs. Completing the form typically takes between 10-15 minutes, and there’s no need to gather any financial documentation beforehand; just fill in the details to the best of your knowledge, otherwise, provide an estimation.

    For households with more than one adult, we recommend that both partners contribute to the completion of the form. The form can be completed in stages, and rest assured that your information will be securely stored in our system. Should you encounter any issues while completing the form, please reach out to our Family Support line at or call us at 03-9127150. If you’d rather not use the online Hebrew form, the form is available for download in your preferred language. Once completed please send it either via email at or by fax at 03-9127151.

    To download the form click here

  2. Orientation call

    Based on the information provided in the form, a guidance consultant will conduct an orientation call. During this call, we’ll get to know you better, understand your reasons for reaching out, and assess your household financial management needs. Together, we’ll tailor a specific solution for you and set mutual expectations. If required, we may also refer you to additional resources. Typically, the orientation call lasts around 40 minutes.

    To download the form click here

  3. How to maximize the benefits from the service

    Based on the preliminary discussions from our orientation call, we kindly request that you begin gathering relevant documents (such as current and credit statements, pay slips, and for self-employed individuals, an assessment report). Additionally, please initiate a systematic record of your monthly earnings and expenditures.

    Download the application form here

Under Paamonim's guidance you'll acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively manage your finances and prevent financial setback
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