“Whenever I found myself overdrawn I took out another loan.”

“Whenever I found myself overdrawn I took out another loan.”

Adi (not his real name) had expensive taste and a tendency to take out more and more loans. A surprise pregnancy left her as a single mother, struggling with severe debt Having given up almost every possible indulgence, she can now plan ahead

I used to work in restaurants, gaining experience until I felt ready to go freelance. Then, right when I got a business offer and quit my job, I found out I was pregnant, and I didn’t have a partner to share the journey. The business required all my time, managing a place and leading a team in another city, so I had to let it go. I ended up without a job and about to become a single mom with no one to help support my daughter. I found a temporary job and worked until she was born, but then the business closed. After giving birth, I was jobless and a new mom, which was quite a shock. It was time for me to reinvent myself

This is how I fell into debt: “After the birth, I started working as an employee and the money wasn’t enough to support the two of us. I tried to find work when I could leave my daughter and make enough money. But I didn’t earn enough to cover my expenses, so I started to accumulate debts. In addition, I was overwhelmed with motherhood. My daughter had a health problem from the age of six months and I barely found an opportunity to work.

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