Without your help, I’d have probably found myslef facing bankruptcy at 32

Without your help, I’d have probably found myslef facing bankruptcy at 32

Around a year ago, I contacted Paamonim , as a last resort, after hearing from several sources about the financial guidance program available to people during a crisis. I expected, at most, to receive a brief explanation or some recommendations regarding the lawsuit filed against me by Bank Hapoalim. I assumed would then consider enrolling in a course on smart financial practices and then in the best-case scenario, you might refer me to an attorney to handle my case, for a fee.

However to my great surprise, and from the very beginning of the process with the friendly support of Zeev Klein, I felt I had someone I could count on.

Zeev guided me through a comprehensive process during which we dissected my current situation. For the initial months, it seemed that Zeev, along with Gil, the financial expert, meticulously unraveled any connections and complexities that existed. Eventually, we arrived at a place of order and stability, providing a foundation from which to build and grow

I want to emphasize that my circumstances were exceedingly complex. The lawsuit against me was for a substantial amount relative to my income, my monthly earnings were minimal, and my basic expenses were high, unadjusted, and mostly disorganized. The journey was far from straightforward, and there were many moments when I felt that without Paamonim, I wouldn’t know where I’d be today. Without your assistance and the invaluable guidance, particularly from the remarkable Zeev, I would likely be facing bankruptcy today. The years I have ahead of me to construct my future as a 32-year-old woman would have literally gone down the drain.

Thanks to Zeev’s determination, patience (a lot!) and resourcefulness, I went through a process in which I learned for the first time ever how to actually manage my money alone.

Today I see the budget in front of me, I know the “big stones” and the important ones on which there is no way I am giving up the monthly payment, where to cut back and how, in creative and resourceful ways. How to build a budget and see it going through my mind and mind over the past month. Something that never happened before in any way, I will testify with complete honesty.

In addition to the tireless and comprehensive efforts of Zeev, Gil, and the empathetic support of other dedicated individuals who did everything within their power to resolve my situation, I felt the immense support of many remarkable, sharp-minded, and compassionate individuals who assured me that everything would be alright. They stood behind me, emphasizing that this was just a phase and that anything could be rectified and improved. I witnessed how these incredible people, who owed me nothing, went out of their way to transform my world, and I cannot find sufficient words to express my gratitude. I am especially thankful to Zeev, who performs a truly noble task and understands the significance of every effort in changing the destinies of the individuals he guides through this process.

The highlight was that I was amazed at the help you provided me in closing the loan itself – beyond the unbelievable settlement agreement in which thanks to you more than half of my debt was erased, I had no words left when you offered me the option of closing the debt with workers where the interest rates were high and the repayments offered were unrealistic relative to my earning capacity, and you authorized me to receive a loan through you with a convenient spread, and without interest.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we often come across challenging situations where individuals and organizations, whether in the public or private sector, sometimes seem to forget or struggle to recognize the person in front of them. They may fail to understand that this individual is just another human being with their own difficulties, carrying an unseen burden, facing obstacles, making mistakes, and facing wrong choices. Their hearts may have grown hardened or accustomed to encountering dozens, if not hundreds, of such cases every day.

That’s why I was taken aback and deeply touched by the assistance you offered me, by your sheer dedication, especially Zeev’s, to a complete stranger

From the guidance program, support, patience, knolwledge and skills taught, concern, investment and of course your advice that saved my future and for which I do not have enough words to thank you.

I can positively say that in terms of my financial behavior and planning ability – I am a transformed person, very different to what I was a year ago – I have learned to manage and see money in a mature, responsible way, and now understand that when managed correctly I am able to benifit from the most important things in the world – from peace, calm, health, joy and tons of hope.

Thanks to you, and especially to Zeev, I have turned a page in life, something that a year ago would have seemed like a distant fantasy.

So dear Zeev,

It was important for me to take the time to write these words wholeheartedly. Your hard work, conducted with all your heart and soul, is a mission, no more and no less, than a mission.

Your efforts and hard work save people’s lives, change destinies, in one year you instilled in me values that will remain with me for the rest of my life – without a doubt, you transformed my entire life.

To others it may sound simple, but for me this process was not only financial bearing legal aspects , but also a process of empowerment, design, mentoring and care that raised my self-confidence, my ability to believe in myself , not only financialy sphere, but like a butterfly effect – to actually believe I can achieve anything I want in life.

Thank you, for everything you have done for me and for your endless patience, even when I have not always been easy or easily understood.

I pray you are able to continue this important activity

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