Our Mission:

Our mission is to increase Financial literacy in Israel – the knowledge necessary to make major financial decisions. We aim to create a reality that empowers Israelis to manage their home economics in a balanced, responsible, and honest manner, believing that this reality will help build economic and social resilience in Israel. We help people already in crisis, and help others prevent potential future financial catastrophes. For over 20 years, Paamonim has delivered fundamental money management skills believing in the power of self-help and independence.

How we work

Paamonim is a nationwide volunteer based non-profit that strives to promote financial literacy in Israel, and improve the wellbeing and financial resilience of Israeli households by providing quality financial education and guidance. We guide and direct those in need, whether in crisis or looking to acquire key skills necessary to manage their money matters in an honorable, balanced and responsible way. As a result, we aim to strengthen Israel’s economic and social fabric. With the help of 3000 volunteers, Paamonim provides a diverse framework of solutions geared towards thousands of Israelis each year through targeted financial recovery programs, offering information and tools for the general public interested in learning best practices for improved management of their home economics.

The Paamonim suite of services

Financial empowerment helps people set financial goals by creating and implementing a feasible plan based on their means, allowing them to maintain a strategy to manage the day to day as well as unexpected financial challenges. It’s not about how much money one has, it’s more about how to handle the money one has. We do this through a framework for practical financial understanding offered to the entire population of Israel, from all ages and all walks of life. Activities include free one on one financial counseling, courses, seminars, programs, and lectures. All geared towards helping people acquire financial education for better living.

Programs include but are not limited to supporting families, vulnerable households with notably low income, young couples, youth at risk, single youngsters, victims of domestic violence, prostitution survivors, retirement planning, immigrants to Israel, convicted felons, military staff ahead of release, and more.

Furthermore, we also engage with industry experts offering support with exercising social rights, mortgages, loans, careers, legal advice, and other particular needs.

Additional services include the following:

  • An internal research unit that further studies financial literacy in Israel and its implications
  • The Paamonim financial college –consolidating Paamonim’s financial education
  • Communal programs- aim to create a sustainable model through forming a win-win partnership between Paamonim and municipal authorities. Jointly we provide training and support to local community leaders and volunteers.

Flagship services

Incoming applications are accessed and each applicant receives a phone call from our intake officers to articulate their concerns. Whether in severe financial distress, drowning in the never-ending cycle of debts and loans, or requiring an answer to specific questions concerning budgets, banks, mortgages or pension, those who approach us are directed to one of our niche programs that best address their needs.

*One-on-one Financial Life rehabilitation

Since inception Paamonim offers free one on one counselling for financial rehabilitation geared towards households and individuals. Based on circumstances and assessment of incoming applications we offer recovery programs, information and tools for those wanting to learn recommended methods for managing enhanced home economics. The counselling process entails short or long-term, one on one mentorship provided by Paamonim’s professionally qualified volunteers, trained by regional managers who guide beneficiaries on how to settle debt, change consumer habits, reduce expenses, create & adhere to a budget, and live within their means for a financially independent future.

Paamonim College of Financial Education

Offering digital self-learning courses, group courses (online and face to face) seminars and lectures geared towards families, individuals, and groups, addressing sustainable financial management for diverse audiences, and covering a wide-range of topics. The system operates on a national level, and is managed by professional directive, operated by volunteers and is supported by professionals in the field of knowledge development and training skills.

Development and knowledge distribution

We believe that the acquisition of financial knowledge, and tools for improving money management skills can improve the way households manage their finances, and can helps reduce the huge social gaps we are witnessing in today’s Israeli society. From this perspective, Paamonim invests all efforts, and resources in writing, collecting, developing, and distributing the extensive, and significant knowledge accumulated over the 20 years of activity. Additionally, Paamonim is highly committed to developing supportive technologies that will help the general public of Israel obtain, and make wise use of this knowledge.

Paamonim has also enjoyed significant public recognition and holds the following awards:

  • President’s award for volunteering, 2010
  • Zussman-Joint prize for excellence in social services, 2013
  • Award from the Sderot Conference and the National Committee for volunteering, 2013
  • Jerusalem mayor’s seal of excellency award for organizations and volunteers, 2015
  • Lion’s award for Volunteering, 2016
  • Middot seal of effectivness award, 2016

We take immense pride in the measurable impact we have had on the lives of those we’ve supported, and continue to support, and gain immense satisfaction from the many thousands of families and individuals who are now debt free and financially stable thanks to Paamonim’s interventions.

Our Key Values


First and foremost, Paamonim is a charity and is about people helping people.

Personal Responsibility

We encourage people to take action of their lives and promote personal responsibility and independence


Paamonim is a social organization based over 3000 volunteers who provide over 500,000 voluntary hours each year. We believe that distribution of responsibilities contributes to the strength of the social and economic fabric and its ability to tolerate present and future challenges. The principle of volunteering stimulates development of mutual duties between individuals within communities.


Paamonim goes to much effort to qualify its staff and consultants to be trained on all topics of relevance. Making a difference to society by helping people overcome financial challenges involves proficiency, efficiency, cooperation and team work. Paamonim stands out through its professional leaders and volunteers, who are responsible for setting the vision and direction that defines Paamonim


We offer our knowledge and organizational capabilities to government ministries and other establishments, and partner with them to assist, strengthen and motivate vulnerable populations towards financial resilience, and freedom

Who can apply?

Everyone.  Families and individuals who conduct their financial households independently, with a fixed income or a potential income, who are prepared to undergo a process of change in their economic management and are willing to commit to transparency and cooperation with a Paamonim expert.

The service is provided free of charge.

If a problem is identified that falls into an area in which Paamonim does not operate, the applicant will be referred to the appropriate organization or authority.

What is the procedure to apply for the service?

It begins with an orientation meeting.

To arrange an orientation meeting in which the most suitable service will be recommended to you, you must first apply by completing the “Request for Assistance Form” in which you will provide personal details and financial information.  After completing this form, your application will be assessed and an orientation meeting will be scheduled.

The orientation meeting will often entail a phone call.

For your information, Paamonim does not provide financial support on a regular basis, and provides guidance coaching, knowledge and tools to help people out of debt, overcome poverty and learn to become financially resilient for a sustainable financial future.

To submit a request for support please complete the application form and send to the following mail:

By e-mail : family@paamonim.org

Below are the forms to fill in for arranging an orientation meeting. They can be downloaded, printed out and sent to us by mail or fax:

English Form

Hebrew Form

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