“Changes that once seemed impossible have become a new habit and some are even easier than I thought.”

“Changes that once seemed impossible have become a new habit and some are even easier than I thought.”

Einav Amar in a letter of thanks to her escorts

Dear Tal,

I have no words to thank you and Ronnie for the process I went through with you and thanks to you. At a time when I experienced many upheavals that affected, among other things, my financial situation, I received support and guidance that undoubtedly changed my time as well as my future and the future of my children. You succeeded, precisely and professionally, in bringing me to the understanding that I cannot continue to act as I have done until now (loans, loans, loans) and take responsibility for my financial future. Most importantly, from a place where I felt paralyzed and desperate in the face of a budget I didn’t know how to deal with, you brought me to a sense of control. You knew when to say a warm word, support and encourage, and when to assertively demand to act differently. You made sure to show me my situation from a perspective I didn’t always see, and at the same time you increased my power of choice in every decision. Changes that once seemed impossible to me have become a new habit and some (not all…) are even easier than I thought. A few days ago, the bank offered me a loan of NIS 50,000, and the first thought that crossed my mind was that I wasn’t interested in increasing my overdraft… In the past, I used to see it as income…

One of the wonderful things I discovered is that it is much easier for children to adapt to the new economic language, and the transition to conceptualizing “budget” does not create an atmosphere of lack but an atmosphere of responsibility.

The change does not end with a change in thinking. To do this, I had to act. I found a way to increase my income by working an extra half-time, as well as by reducing consumption. I continue to shop, but shopping is not as impulsive as it used to be… And when I feel like something I really don’t need, I promise myself to go back to the store tomorrow to buy it and find that the need has already faded and been forgotten…

My road to balance in my life, both financially and in other aspects, is long and will probably be fraught with obstacles, but the hours you have invested have changed my outlook and made me active and imbued with faith that I will succeed!

Your words continue to resonate and accompany me every step I take and before my eyes I imagine the day I will come to you to show you that all my debts have been closed.

Your accompaniment and Roni’s escort is a mission and in my view saves lives and necessarily has an impact on my well-being and the welfare of my children, who are the most precious thing in my life.



Ron Segre
paamonim Team Leader
Tal Weil Tzameret
Accompanying families in paamonim


Thank you for entering my life, more specifically our lives…

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Einav, Adam and Omer





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