Anat Levy: “I wanted to put an end to waste”

Anat Levy: “I wanted to put an end to waste”

“Thanks to paamonim for the first time, I am able to save money and fulfill an old dream – to fly to Uman.”

Anat Levy (48)
Divorced for 20 years
Mother of two adult children: Aharon Matanel (24) and Hudia Bat-El (21)
Combat in the Artillery Corps
Living in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem

Anat has been working for the Jerusalem Water Company, Hagihon for the past 20 years, and as a sole breadwinner came to the paamonim mainly because “I wanted to put an end to my waste.” The minus so far would also be closed from the second job cleaning houses.
Thanks to paamonim, she is currently in the midst of a process in which the change in her financial situation is dramatic. According to her, the procedure also provided her with tools for leading a better and better economic life. “As a single mother on whom the burden falls alone, I work hard at two jobs. However, it was clear to me that I was spending far more than was necessary, mainly out of a desire not to lack anything, especially for the children. And yes, I’m aware that it’s sometimes in the air.

I used to spend most of my salaries on clothes, but now, for some reason, it’s more on food. The two children live at home with me. The girl is in the army and the boy has just returned from India and the expenses are only big. Think about it, I could only shop for 700 shekels for Friday night when I know that some of the groceries I bought are just. Unnecessary. It was uncontrollable and when the bill came in it was frustrating. Until I decided enough was enough. Enough to work hard in two jobs and enough for minuses. You could say that I came to the paamonim to get some rest from all the stress.

I’m in the middle of the process, but I’m already seeing a fundamental change in my financial situation. I have downloaded my four visas and I have one visa that is used more as an “emergency visa” in case I get stuck without gas or pocket money. She doesn’t spend more than 500 shekels a month. Shopping has plummeted and I dare not leave the house without a list. For example, last Friday I only bought vegetables for 100 shekels because I had groceries at home. Buying what you need and nothing more. I reset with the duplicates in insurance. Clothes are no longer a crazy journey. In the past, if I bought four or five items per purchase, today a month can go by without buying and if you buy – it’s one item.

Life today is easier, without stress from the state of the account, I haven’t been called from the bank for months, I finally started saving. And most importantly – now I can fulfill an old dream and fly to Uman. If it hadn’t been for the charming Riki from paamonim, I don’t know if I would have survived this procedure. She’s motivating and in a way that’s really fun with her. This flight is definitely thanks to her.

Anat Levy, participant in the Family Advancement Program (with the assistance of the Toronto Friendship Foundation)

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