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Training: Setting a family’s financial priorities

Family activities help cope with the need to juggle requests from children, creating ways to generate collaboration and honest discourse with the children about the family’s values and priorities.

“Mommy, buy me this” … “Daddy, I want that”. Who among us hasn’t dealt with these kinds of requests from kids? We would all like to give our kids everything, not to miss out on anything, but is our role as parents all about opening our wallet? How do you address requests from the children, while living on a budget?

What’s our goal?

We’ll set out the challenges involved in budgeting in a family, where each member has their own wants and needs. 
We’ll look for ways to get kids to pitch in and create an open discussion with the children about your family’s values  and priorities, and how to decide what you buy and what you don’t.

So what should you do?

  • We’ll roleplay a common situation – parents dealing with multiple requests  and demands from their children that involve expenses.
  • We all openly discuss how to handle the children’s wants. How  to use the situation to teach a lesson.

What do you need?

  • A set of cards for participants
  • Clothing items and accessories for participants (recommended)


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