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עיצוב ללא שם (12)

Elevating the Professionalism of Paamonim’s Support System

Over the past year, Paamonim’s support system, providing mentorship and guidance, has seen substantial enhancements. Previously, our family support services…
עיצוב ללא שם (13)

Read about Liraz and Avi’s experience with Paamonim

Liraz and Avi, a couple residing in central Israel, have been happily married for five years. They have two young…

“After the holidays”- Everything takes on a fresh start

We’ve all heard the familiar saying “after the holidays”, often used in Israel as the most common excuse for procrastination.…
עיצוב ללא שם (5)

Paamonim’s latest Activities

Latest updates: Paamonim’s Financial College Paamonim’s College for Financial Education is committed to providing inclusive financial education to a wider…
Rocket and chart on blue background business financial start up growth success concept object design

Wise economic conduct in the transition from crisis to routine

How to prepare economically for the easing of the lockdown expected soon
סטודנטים זורקים את הכובעים שלהם באוויר

Tips for Students for the Beginning of the Academic Year

As students starting classes this week, you will have to deal with financial challenges and be careful managing your money…
מודעת ראש השנה

Will everything change after the holidays?

The month of Tishrei is an excellent time to start managing your finances properly. A bundle of advice for those…
Group 738

Thanks to them and thanks to them!

Four centers, about 1200 volunteers, volunteers and their spouses, and tremendous elation. This is how we can summarize the evenings…
מחוון 1 (2)

Donors and Donors – Paamonim Student Branches

You’ve been accepted to a bachelor’s degree, you’ve chosen a school, you’re closed off from your place of residence, whether…
מחוון 1 (1)

How much does it cost to enlist?

“Once, nowadays…we’d get two pairs of uniforms, three pairs of underwear, three tank tops, three pairs of socks, a pair…

May we become the head – Happy New Year Greetings

Best wishes and congratulations (not only financial) for the New Year
notebook with pencil and apples on a wood table

“Sins” or habits worth changing

In these days of soul-searching, introspection and taking responsibility, there is also an opportunity to correct our economic conduct, change…
מחוון 1

Land of unlimited possibilities

Summer, everythingis so expensive, so few options, right ? Our field reporters went online and checked the price range we…
תכנון ארוחת החג

Holiday meals and shopping at the supermarket, how do you do it right?

Among the many tasks that the High Holidays set before us, the many holiday meals stand out. How do we…
מחוון 1 (1)

What are the financial implications of enlisting in the army?

What financial factors should be considered when preparing for military service? In the past, recruits were provided with essential items…
מחוון 1 (2)

Paamonim for students:

Congratulations on your acceptance into a prestigious educational institution and your decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Israel! As…
מחוון 1

The freedom of unlimited possibilities

The Freedom of Limitless Possibilities Summer – a season that often comes with high expenses and limited options. How can…
Group 738

Gratitude to our volunteers – A Recap of Paamonim’s Volunteer Appreciation Evenings

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting evenings of tribute across four different venues, bringing together approximately 1200 volunteers…
Group 738

Small Great News

Small Great News: Exciting News: Introducing the Wishing Well Benefits Club We are delighted to introduce the Wishing Well –…

Financial education during the summer vacation

Students learn Paamonim in the "schools of the great freedom."
תיק לבית הספר

Buying a school bag: how to deal with this bag?

They come in a variety of colors and shapes, decorated with superheroes and leading brands and manage to confuse even…
A couple escaping from their overdraft

Talk to your spouse about money and get away with it

Money is a sensitive subject in relationships. How is it recommended to have an effective financial dialogue with your spouse?…
Group 738

Financial Parity: Four Legs to Success

Relationships aren't just romances, and family isn't just shared dinners. Living as a couple or family is a business in…
חזרה לבית הספר

10 tips for a cost-effective return to school

The negotiation over teachers' conditions continues. And it is still unclear if and how the school year will begin, but…
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