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Holiday meals and shopping at the supermarket, how do you do it right?

Among the many tasks that the High Holidays set before us, the many holiday meals stand out. How do we prepare for shopping so that both hospitality is fun and we can control expenses?

The upcoming holidays bring with them plenty of family gatherings that take place around the dinner table. Cooking the multiple holiday meals is possible only after visiting the supermarket. During this month, the significant expenditure on food stands out in the monthly expenditure basket of most families. The good news is that with proper planning before going out to buy and dealing wisely with the deals at the supermarket, you can buy at the supermarket wisely so that nothing will be missing at the holiday table and we will buy according to our planning and ability.

Five principles for planning holiday meals and shopping

  1. Prepare a menu for the holiday meals – Calculate in advance how many people come for how many meals and when you are staying with others. Build a menu that suits the meals you’re hosting and the number of guests, and consider the food your guests will bring.
  2. Make a list – Make a list of products you will need meals for in the coming week. List the food products you need according to the menu, as well as related products such as tablecloths and tools.
     Form for planning holiday meals and shopping Excel for planning holiday meals and shopping
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute – about two or three weeks before the holiday, surveys comparing the cost of buying a basket in the various supermarket chains begin to be published. The farther you get from the publication of the surveys, the greater the chance that prices will be “updated.”
  4. Compare prices – supermarket chains are obligated to raise the prices of various products online. You can compare the price of the basket you want to buy at supermarkets near you. Many chains make free deliveries, check the feasibility of splitting the purchase according to the deals – it may be worthwhile to order some of the products in one store and some in another. Most chains increase prices and promotions online, making it easier to make several purchases in multiple chains depending on the deals.
  5. Stickto the list – have you reached the supermarket? Remember that everything you need to buy is already set up at home. Don’t be tempted to buy a product on sale that you didn’t include in your list.

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