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Bell guides and tools

Guides, tools and calculators for managing family finances from Paamonim.

Paamonim’s tools and calculators will help you achieve your financial goals.

Using the tools, you can learn about your real financial situation, manage on a budget, handle debts and plan your financial future.

Manage money

bell-book Economic anchor Household economics management manual.
bell-book Mirroring manual Handbook for checking the financial situation of the household
calc Budget managers An online guide to budget management in four steps.
Movie Budget management Online budget management webinar
calc Mapping expenses and income Table for mapping the state of income and expenses
calc Sketchy (Excel file) A tool for budget management and control.
calc Rishumon Download the English version
calc Reference table for future planning A tool for planning future expenses
calc Excel for recording cash expenses Sheet for recording expenses made in cash

Closing debts

bell-book Life without debt Debt Settlement Handbook
A guide to getting out of debt An online guide to handling debt in four steps.
calc Table for mapping debts Debt mapping tool

Savings and Pensions

bell-book The Complete Pension Guide An online guide to pension savings.
calc Pension savings mirroring table A tool for reflecting the pension situation
bell-book Guide on Continuing Education Fund What is a guide and what is important to know about it

Consume wisely

bell-book Guide to communicating with professionals Guide to wise choice of professional, terms of service, costing and rights
bell-book Mobile Consumption Guide Guide to choosing a supplier, conditions and prices
bell-book A guide to saving communications Guide to choosing a carrier, terms and prices (cellular, Internet, home telephony and cable/satellite)
bell-book Download tip booklet Tips on consumerism, communications, banking, pension insurance and more

Independent business


A tool for calculating monthly profit from an independent business.


Self-employed Course: Independent Business and Household Economics


bell-book Guide to opening a bank account An online guide that helps you know what to pay attention to when opening a bank account
bell-book Guide to managing a bank account A guide to smart bank account management
bell-book Guide to Proper Use of Checks Do’s and Don’ts with Bank Checks


calc Calculator for calculating budget for the purchase of an apartment Calculator for calculating budget for the purchase of an apartment
bell-book Mortgage Refinancing Guide A guide to why, when, and how to recycle
bell-book Guide to taking from a mortgage Guide to how much and which mortgage to take


calc Insurance Mapping Table A tool for mapping the various insurances

Wedding calculator

calc Wedding calculator Excel for planning wedding expenses

Great vacation

calc A Guide to the Great Freedom A budget management tool for the summer vacation
calc Teens’ Guide to the Great Freedom A Guide to Wise Financial Conduct for Youth for the Great Freedom
calc Guide for Working Teens Finding a job, working youth rights, apps for recording working hours and more.

Back to school


Calculator for planning back-to-school expenses Calculator for planning expenses on school supplies
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