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The activities you dream of doing on vacation, from going to the cinema to traveling to Eilat, cost a lot of money. Youth work in freedom is the way to fund them. So what job should you work in? And what rights do you deserve?

Have you made a plan for the summer vacation and found that you need money to pay for the multiple activities? It’s time to roll up your sleeves, literally, and find a job.

We are the youth, what can we work on?

Luckily for you, the world is full of employment opportunities for teens and you just need to find out what works for you.

Like Suitable jobs
Become a Master Chef Selling meals, making sandwiches, guidance in cooking classes
Don’t move from your smartphone and computer Guidance for the elderly, lessons for children, telephone surveyors, telemarketing
Being away from home all day Distribution of flyers, deliveries, postmen, gardening work, car wash
Read, read, read Deliver story time for children, work in the library, audiobook recording
Play all day with small children Babysitting, giving private lessons, being an assistant counselor at camp, birthday activities, guidance in creative circles
Whisper to the horses Keeping dogs, helping a veterinarian, working in a zoo
Take the summer to the extreme Operation of inflatables, work in amusement and water park, surfing instruction
Sell ice to Eskimos Work in the store, stewardesses in product promotion, inventory counting in stores

How do you find a job that is suitable for youth?

Finding a suitable job is not a simple matter, but during the summer vacation the options for youth are more varied. The varied summer activities, children on long vacations and working parents, are a combination that can create an opportunity for teenagers who are looking to work.

Close to the plate – start by consulting with your parents and family members. Your family members know many people and you can surely get an idea or two from them. Your family members may work in a place that employs the employees’ children during the vacation. If so, you managed.

Don’t want to spend a whole day with your parents? Maybe you can work at the workplace of friends of your parents and their children will work for your parents at the workplace.

There is always work in the neighborhood – check with the neighbors if they want help: washing cars, gardening or simple housework, taking care of a dog or cat while they go on vacation and looking after the children.

Businesses in the area – owners of shops, grocery stores and cafes, in your neighborhood, will be happy to have another pair of hardworking hands.

Work on the Internet – The circle of searches can be expanded by searching the Internet on sites that display job ads for teenagers:

NO-R – Job ads for teens.

All Jobs – a special section with jobs suitable for youth.

Temporary work – a schedule of temporary work for youth.

We found work for youth, what are our rights?

  1. Age of employment: During the summer vacation, it is forbidden to employ youth under the age of 14. A 14-year-old boy may be employed only in light work
  2. Working hours: Youth may be employed for a maximum of 8 hours per day (ages 16 and over may be 9 hours) and no more than 40 hours per week. Overtime work is prohibited. Do not employ teenagers on the weekly rest day.
  3. Break: After six hours of work, it is mandatory to give a break of 45 d. At least 30 minutes must be consecutive. The employer does not have to pay for the break time.
  4. Night work : The law states that from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., it is forbidden to employ youth under the age of 16. Over the age of 16 is allowed to work until 22:00. Night work requires special permission from the Ministry of Economy. For more information: 03-7347440
  5. Recording of working hours: The employer is obligated to keep an accurate record of working hours.
  6. It is mandatory to pay for travel and for an apprenticeship period or training days.
  7. Minimum Wage:


Percentage of Minimum Wage

1 month(up to 40 hours per week)


Up to 16 70% 3710.00 ₪ 21.45 ₪
Up to 17 75% 3975.00 ₪ 22.98 ₪
Up to 18 83% 4399.00 ₪ 25.43 ₪
Apprentice 60% 3180.00 ₪ 18.38 ₪

This information is taken from thewebsite of the Ministry of Economy, Director of Regulation and Enforcement.

How can we keep track of our working hours?

You can use the hours logging tools available in the app stores such as “My salary” (Android, IOS)

For more information on working youth rights:

Youth Employment Portal on Kol Zchut website

Portal of Youth Employment Rights on the Ministry of Economy website

A video explaining what is important to know and what is important to watch out for

To file a complaint of infringed rights and to provide legal assistance

Ministry of Economy Telemesser: -800-354-3541 or submitting an online complaint form
Telemesser of the Working and Learning Youth Federation 054-4001100 or *1121 from any telephone,

Ono Academic College Clinics – Free Legal Aid: 1-700-707-907Email

Want to volunteer and now have time for it?

Freedom is a great time to contribute to society. You can volunteer in a wide variety of organizations and institutions such as MDA, senior citizens’ clubs, home maintenance and other volunteer opportunities in Israel.

Information about youth volunteering can be found on the Ruach Tova website as well as on the websites of local authorities and various social organizations.


For a manual and rights for working youth >>


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