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Without income, with expenses – how do you manage in the period between jobs?

Author: Vered Barel
Have you finished one job and haven’t started a new job yet? Ways to increase income for the interim period between jobs.

It can happen to anyone at any age and at any stage of life, sometimes it’s not even your fault – many good people have reached the cycle of unemployment due to job closures or staff cuts, and what difference does it make? When you find yourself in a period of unemployment, or more optimistically known as “between jobs,” the situation does not look bright. Eligibility for unemployment benefits is usually lenient, but even this period ends after a not very long period of time, and you may find yourself continuing your search for your next job without a current income.

Even though you’ve worked for a long time and saved a nice amount for hard days, just like the ones that came your way (and not for the better), the recommendation is not to rush and rely on these savings to cover ongoing living expenses. Savings are destined to run out, and in the period between jobs there is a tendency to increase expenses without realizing it, when staying at home itself increases existing expenses – the air conditioner works more hours a day, you try to keep yourself busy so you go out more, spend more time in order to comfort yourself… And from here and there, the savings are running out. Withdrawing the compensation money is also not recommended, since it means damage to pension savings in a way that will significantly harm you in the future. The overwhelming recommendation is therefore to do everything possible so that he will not be required to use savings – pensions and private ones.

And what can be done?

Change of attitude: It’s true that until recently you managed a team and gave presentations at board meetings, but an impressive resume in itself doesn’t help pay bills while a temporary job does, even if it’s the kind of job you were last offered when you were a student on vacation or newly discharged. It should be remembered that every job respects its owner – even if it is at minimum wage, and that with skills and resume you do not go to the grocery store.

  • Advertise to your friends and acquaintances that you are currently in the period between jobs. Although the likelihood of you getting your dream job through one of them doesn’t seem high, options may pop up without you thinking about them, even if not for a steady job. If someone you know is an independent business owner, don’t be shy and ask them if they have a temporary job to offer you, you might be surprised.
  • Temporary jobs can be found on any job site – there is a wide variety of such jobs that can suit pretty much anyone, from handing out flyers, porter and stewardship work to administrative work. If you’re energetic and diligent enough, you can combine a few temporary jobs and work both mornings and evenings, and even weekends.
  • It is recommended to register with personnel companies that offer temporary solutions to employers from the moment to the moment, and may offer you different job options for different periods of time, including at short notice.
  • There is a wide variety of temporary jobs that are also suitable for older students, so even if you are not the age of the average student, you can find comfortable and lucrative temporary jobs. Keep an open mind! Even in temporary jobs, there are those who value maturity and experience.
  • At the same time as the temporary job, it will be convenient to continue looking for a new permanent job, and even if the period continues, you will not have a hole in your resume, and many employers will be pleasantly impressed by the fact that you did not sit at home during this period. In addition, there is potential here to expand your circle of recommenders, and if you find yourself in a temporary job at a corporation that employs people in your profession, you will have a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the relevant authorities and who knows, maybe one of the temporary workplaces will later become your permanent place of work…
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