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Wholeheartedly: gifts with value for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with it the challenge of choosing a gift for your partner. We have compiled ideas for original and economical gifts.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and along with the festivities, the challenge of choosing a gift is before us (again…) and this time it is doubly challenging – buying a gift in the shadow of the economic crisis. On the one hand, you don’t have to overdo buying a gift that’s too expensive. On the other hand, we are looking for a gift that reflects the importance of our spouse in his or her case.

The importance is heightened during the COVID-19 period, which is full of economic and family challenges, and other challenges. It is precisely during this time that it is important to pay special attention to relationships and family, and Valentine’s Day provides us with the perfect timing for this.

So how do you choose a gift?

  1. Think about the person receiving the gift – what he likes, what excites him or makes him happy.
  2. Don’t be afraid that you’re “not investing enough.” Sometimes a modest but exciting gift that suits the recipient of the gift is much more appropriate than an expensive gift that means nothing.
  3. Want to purchase a great gift? Shop together with other partners. You can come together and purchase a large gift that the recipient will love and whose costs will be shared among several people.
  4. Compare prices – so many companies offer holiday gifts. It’s worth researching online to see where you’ll get the best value for your money.

DIY gift

Sometimes, a self-made gift will be more meaningful and exciting than a store-bought gift. The thought and work you put into the gift will testify to your appreciation for that person.

A gift that is an experience

A gift does not necessarily have to be a consumer product but an experience, for example:

  • Thoughtful meal for two
  • Hiking or cycling in a location that is meaningful to you, for example: where you first met, or at significant points in your partner’s life.
  • Home Spa

A personal and exciting gift

You can make gifts with sentimental value, such as:

  • Photo album with couple moments you’ll want to treasure
  • Vision board – detailed guidance can be found here
  • Double game – a memory game with your pictures / truth or duty / quartets etc
  • Travel Notebook

A gift with value

If you still prefer to purchase a gift, you can purchase products from factories that promote employment for special populations – so alongside the financial expense, there is value in contributing to the community. For example: SHEKEL factory, ALEH boutique, Enoshup and more…

And in any case – with or without a gift, always celebrate love 3 3 3>>>

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