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We will talk after classes (for children)

Immediately after the holidays comes the turn of the classes. A significant monthly expenditure in the family expenses basket of most households in Israel. How much does it cost and what can be done?

The list of classes to which children are enrolled has become a kind of parental business card. The more children enrolled in extracurricular activities with more impressive names, the more “invested”   parents are. The result: overburdened children, overly driven parents, and a lot of money that weighs on the family budget.

Arecent survey conducted by Paamonim shows that about 70% of parents in Israel send their children to at least one class a week  , and about half of the parents spend more than NIS 200 per child per month on extracurricular activities. For membership in youth movement activities, an annual membership fee of NIS 700 per child will be added to the expenses, not including  hundreds of additional shekels for trips, shirts, equipment and more. If we add up the costs of extracurricular activities for a family of 3 children, it can easily reach NIS 1,000 a month, a significant share of the total income.

Why do they send the children to extracurricular activities at all?

About half of the parents who send their children to extracurricular activities believe that the extracurricular activities are important for instilling values, 40% use the classes as an after-school babysitter,   and about 70% of the parents believe that the child is talented in the field.

Tips for choosing classes

Even with a calculated budget, enrichment classes should not be given up, and their great importance is in order to develop and advance children’s skills. But proportions must be, and decisions must be made with deep consideration of the purpose and cost of each department, and not casually.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right departments:

The secret of reduction

The wealth of extracurricular activities offered today confuses children and parents alike. Make a list of all the relevant classes in your area, those whose prices are reasonable and suitable for the character of your children. Now try to match each child with a few classes that suit him in terms of his interests and the areas that you think will strengthen him or enrich his world. This is the list you will present to the child. Choosing from a limited and tailored list will help the child choose a class that suits his desires and skills, and therefore it is likely that he will also persist in it and enjoy it.

How much does it cost us?

The listed monthly cost of the class does not always reflect the amount you will actually spend on it. Some classes require the purchase of appropriate equipment or clothing, sports classes sometimes require an additional registration fee, an end-of-year performance or a trip. If equipment is required, try to wait – maybe the child will not want to continue the class at all, maybe it is possible to get or purchase second-hand equipment from other parents. By the way, if your school cooperates with the community center – It is possible that the cost of the program will be significantly lower than the cost of an identical program other than through this arrangement.

How many months are there in a year?

Pay attention to the number of monthly payments required: there are classes in which you are required to pay for 10 months of the year and others in which you have to pay for 12 months, meaning that the activity in them takes place even during the summer vacation. It is worth remembering that during the summer vacation, the children cannot always come to the class, and between us – they need freedom from the classes as well.

One, one experience

You know when the child is very enthusiastic about the class, which is displayed in all the colors of the rainbow in the elaborate booklet of the community center, but after two lessons loses interest? Before registering, check if the class allows for a trial class. Prefer to enroll in classes that give a trial lesson and allow cancellation or termination without penalties.  This way you will save money, frustration and unnecessary headaches. Can’t have a 1-month trial? Find out in advance what the cost of quitting the department is in the middle of the year.

Recalculate route

Plan the children’s extracurricular map in a way that makes sense both in terms of the time of the class and the place where the activity takes place. Smart and sensible planning will allow  you a minimum of transportation and thus not only save fuel, but also gain time for yourself or quality time with the other children. Remember? Quality time with your children is worth as much as any other class.

Classes are sometimes longing for stanga

Don’t overload your children with extracurricular activities. Not every toddler needs to master the secrets of tai chi, and not every child who likes to play stanga should go to an “advanced soccer class.” Let kids play by themselves, set up a meeting with friends and just be kids. They will benefit from this no less than they would in a prestigious circle with a trained instructor.


The various extracurricular centers offer discounts set according to various parameters: discounts on early registration (during September), for more than one child from the same family and for more than one class per child. There may also be discounts or benefits  for single-parent families, or  a discount on cash payments.


Before signing checks  , check the cancellation policy.


Israeli students are all insured by 24/7 accident insurance, which is valid even when the accident occurs outside of school hours. Under the new law, no insurance premiums will be charged for student athletes training in sports associations, sports organizations, associations and associations, if the student athletes are already insured by personal accident insurance that applies to all students in the country under the Compulsory Education Law.

Equipment, costume and events

There are classes that guarantee shirt/football upon registration – this is not a gift you pay for it!

Vacations and holidays

Require registration to receive an orderly schedule. There are classes that operate during Chol Hamoed. Make sure that in the overall balance throughout the year, your child’s class takes place on average about four times a month. And there is the possibility of completion in case of absence.

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