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Tips to save on the summer vacation

Great freedom is dear to all of us. With a little creativity and advance planning, we can have more fun and spend less.

Parent camp reduces expenses – try to organize a joint activity with other parents. A camp that goes from house to house and every day the host family is responsible for the activity will ensure fun for the children and financial savings.

Free digital courses – distance learning has already become 🙂 standard There are free digital courses from various bodies such as the Ministry of Education and theDavidson Institute.

In the cheapest house – every departure from home incurs expenses, some of which you did not plan in advance to spend. Activity with children is important and fun during the summer vacation, but you don’t have to “every day” do something exciting. Let your child plan and follow the activities of freedom. Use our database offree activities for children.

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Daily Tours in Israel – Our tiny country is full of gems – streams, springs and interesting trails, close to home. A short two-hour trip can be fun and experiential. You don’t have to go on a four-day trip. You can use thesetips to save for summer vacationers.

Discounted entrance to sites and attractions – check in advance if you are eligible for discounts at the entrance and if you have credit card benefits or promotions. Check out the possibility of spending time together with other families. Group purchases of tickets sometimes entitle you to a significant discount on the entrance price.

Rewards – You can agree in advance with the children on a number of treats for a week or a month, quantify this in money and leave it up to the children to decide what and when to buy. Don’t decide for them. This will save unnecessary conflicts, increase children’s independence, self-discipline and responsibility. Once the decision has been passed to them, they will be excellent finance ministers.

Pocket money – Allocate pocket money for a week to your children and agree with them that they will not receive money beyond that and that they should not “borrow” from the next week’s pocket money. This way, your children will learn how to deal with an existing budget and how to build priorities.

Shopping and purchases – it is recommended to buy clothes, shoes, hats, sunscreen, sea accessories, etc. at the end of the year deals.

Going out for entertainment – when we leave home for recreation, we will take an allotted amount in cash when it is clear to us that we do not exceed this amount. Going out with an unlimited amount or with a credit card invites additional and unnecessary expenses.

Israel is drying up, and the pocket – the same switch you use to turn on the light, the computer and the air conditioner – also turn them off. Do your part to save on household expenses and turn off immediately after use. The same goes for water taps.

Be sensitive when it comes to hanging out with friends – When you suggest friends join a night out or trip, consider the possibility that they may not have enough money for it.

Drink – Take a small bottle of drink wherever you go. Everywhere there is a tap (sometimes with cold water) where you can fill your bottle and drink from it during the day.

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