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Think a moment before buying

Helped help reduce expenses – an easy nudge to a wise decision.

Think for a moment, before buying

Make a new habit, a bit burdensome but in our experience beneficial – before making an unplanned purchase, check whether the reason for purchasing the product justifies buying it.
Ask yourself 4 questions:

Do you really need it?
Do you need it now?
Is it worth the money?
Is it possible to purchase a similar product at a lower price?

Once you have clarified with yourself the real reasons for your desire to purchase the product, you can make an informed decision, whether to purchase the product or it is possible to give up.

How do we remember the questions before buying?

We have prepared a small aid for you in the Paamonim that you can download and print on the printer and put in the credit card compartment in your wallet.
The card has 4 questions and serves as a reminder before buying.
Before you take out your credit card, stop for a moment and think about whether the purchase is worthwhile and necessary at that moment.

1. Print, cut and paste Reminder card before payment
Reminder card before buying 2. Put in your wallet


Nudge theory helps in decision making

Nudge or nudge theory is a theory in behavioral economics whereby a slight nud in the right direction will gently encourage you to make a wise decision. The term was coined by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein, authors of the book of the same name.

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