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Spending time on Chol Hamoed

How to spend and enjoy Chol Hamoed Sukkot without incurring unnecessary expenses.

The most common Israeli excuse for procrastination is “after the holidays.” The problem is that “after the holidays” really comes and then it’s just too late. New Year is an opportunity for a new beginning. When? Now – before the holidays. Here’s a bundle of tips for a sweet new start.

Preliminary preparation: budget

The expenses in the different months of the year are not static: there are months in which the expenses are particularly large and there are months in which the expenses are fixed. At this time, our bank account is under attack on three fronts: the expenses of the summer vacation are already dropping on our credit cards this month, purchases at the beginning of the school year are waiting for their turn in the next billing cycle, and the holidays and their expenses are already peeking at us. This is exactly the time to take a deep breath and build a budget for the holiday month. This budget is recommended to be broken down into clear sections: holiday meals, clothing, gifts and entertainment. Without such a budget, you are likely to enter a spiral of lack of control that you will wake up from in minus “after the holidays.”

Gift cards are not a “gift” – they are money

Did you receive holiday gift cards ? Excellent. Many tend to designate these coupons as “luxuries”: luxuries that now have the opportunity to receive them “for free”. However, from a realistic financial perspective, the purchase notes are additional financial income and should be treated as part of your monthly income. This means that you can use them to purchase products that you plan to purchase as part of your holiday budget. And one more little tip: take the notes with you in your wallet. Characters have an expiration date and it’s a shame to discover on Passover that you have expired characters in the depths of the drawer.

A pleasure trip to the land of supermarkets

Those who visit the supermarket during the holidays get to take part in a real aggressive marketing celebration. If in normal times a visit to the supermarket is like a battle between customers and marketers, during the holidays it is already a world war. Do yourshopping wisely, arrive at the supermarket with an organized list and do not purchase in installments. If temptations are hard for you to resist, consider doing your holiday shopping online, so you won’t be caught with tempting packaging and “worthwhile” deals while wandering the aisles, and you can save time and money on gas and parking. And you will even get all the groceries packed and arranged with a courier to your home. And remember: a sale isn’t just because it’s written on the sign: compare prices and quantities in the packaging and read the fine print, especially the ones on coupons.

Guest tended to stay overnight

Hosting is wonderful – especially during the holidays. But let’s put things on the holiday table: hosting is not cheap at all. Hosting the extended family? Think in advance exactly how many people come, how many of them are children, how many meals do they attend? Prepare an organized menu from which you will derive an accurate shopping list. It is also common for guests to bring some of the foods for the holiday dinner, do not hesitate to ask each guest to bring something with him.

Multi-asset multiplier Concern

There are families for whom an event leads to an event, a holiday dinner for a holiday dinner, a barbecue and lodging and lodging. We are not against family gatherings, God forbid, but it is worth considering and prioritizing the events. Don’t you have to go to every distant aunt’s event, and maybe it’s nicer for you to hang out with friends? Remember that accommodation also incurs expenses for fuel, clothing and gifts and consider whether you really need to travel the road or can you share a car with other invitees? Do you really have to show up for every event with a new outfit? And who can you not bring a gift?

Holiday gift

You’d be surprised – we’re not telling you not to bring gifts. But there are some tips that will help you get out of it cheaply. Gifts don’t have to be bought at branded stores in the mall, conduct market research, including online, and purchase more unique and less expensive gifts. If you are also one of those who “save” gifts for “sometime” then their time has come. Check, maybe you have a wonderful gift hidden in your closet that you can pass on? You can also buy one big family gift, which will often be more fun to receive, than a few small and useless gifts. You’ll still be surprised how happy other family members are to share the expense with you and buy a gift together. And finally, the most important thing to remember: the really important part of the gift is not the intention, but the replacement note.

New living room

Some tend to replace furniture or purchase a new item that will continue the atmosphere of renewal that accompanies Rosh Hashanah. But the right time to buy furniture is usually towards the end of the New Year, since before inventory counts prices drop and merchants prefer to sell at low prices. Remember, a piece of furniture has been purchased for years and its physical condition usually does not justify its replacement. If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t rush to buy a new one.

New garment

We don’t argue with this equation. On the contrary: we recommend using it to prepare for the whole year. As in the supermarket we mentioned earlier, in clothing chains, the celebration of marketing intensifies at this time of year. And where there are discounts there are also opportunities. Take advantage of the “sales” season to stock up for the whole year, compare prices and check where the most worthwhile opportunity awaits you, which also fits the budget you have prepared, of course. The deals do not skip the outlet stores of the large fashion chains either. It is recommended to check what they offer this season and what surplus is left from the previous inventory?

Get shares in Teva

The summer vacation is just over and once again the calendar generously takes care of us for the holiday. The days of Chol Hamoed are an excellent opportunity to get out into nature with the children. While adults are looking for a pampering rest from their daily routine, children mostly look forward to experiences outside of their accommodation. Therefore, you can save and choose a cheap hotel, or stay in a worthwhile apartment. Yes, staying overnight is also an option. The trip itself will be planned in advance to combine free tours and free performances with paid attractions. When choosing a paid attraction, it is recommended to check the availability of coupons and fixed discounts – for example, from the Teachers Union, various consumer clubs and more. And most importantly: drive carefully – it also saves fuel.

It is recommended to print this list and hang on the refrigerator. Now! Not after the holidays

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