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Recommendation: “You are a genius – a crash course in creativity” by Tina Sling

Author: Alex Shillman
Kinneret Zamora Bitan Publishing.

Tina Sling is a neuroscientist at Stanford University who has been teaching creativity in design, entrepreneurship, and business schools for the past few years. The presentation of the notebook is enough to hint at the experience that awaits those who read the book. In eleven short chapters, the book skips between a variety of fields of knowledge and reviews the basics of creativity in order to teach how to increase the use of the creative approach in everyday life in simple steps.

Although this is a popular book written in easy language, everyone will be able to find the format that suits them here. Those who are interested in a sophisticated algorithm for increasing creativity can use the formal models woven throughout the book, and those looking for short and simple advice can adopt the variety of games suitable for any situation in life, from a stressful family ride in the car to a boring stand in line.

Some of the insights are familiar and their main value lies in the tools for implementation and the collection of colorful examples from the forefront of the world of science and technology. To that end, the author skips from Google’s California office to the Guggenheim Museum in New York and from a microscopic procedure to treat heart disease to industrial production of the Boeing aircraft. But you will undoubtedly find new insights here, so for example, we learn that people who feel themselves lucky act in a way that will indeed increase their luck, and that it is worthwhile to encourage failure as success as long as we avoid inaction.

In the hands of Tina Seling, creativity emerges from all sides, the arrangement of furniture in the lecture hall, stopovers on long flights, the restriction of characters on the social network Twitter and many other examples make this wonderful feature more accessible than ever. In the dynamic world in which we live, every day problems come our way that require creativity and thinking outside the box. Those who are creative see potential in things that other humans see as problems, and a chance for breakthrough solutions in things that other humans see as obstacles.


Happy reading.


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