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[questions-answers image_url=”” qa_ids=”,1525,1910, 1959,1853,1930,2028,,” /]

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Elevating the Professionalism of Paamonim’s Support System

Over the past year, Paamonim’s support system, providing mentorship and guidance, has seen substantial enhancements. Previously, our family support services…
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Read about Liraz and Avi’s experience with Paamonim

Liraz and Avi, a couple residing in central Israel, have been happily married for five years. They have two young…

“After the holidays”- Everything takes on a fresh start

We’ve all heard the familiar saying “after the holidays”, often used in Israel as the most common excuse for procrastination.…
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Paamonim’s latest Activities

Latest updates: Paamonim’s Financial College Paamonim’s College for Financial Education is committed to providing inclusive financial education to a wider…
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