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Proper financial conduct is a family business

Family finances, as its name implies, are family matters. We have compiled for you articles on family economics and how to conduct yourself better in the world of abundance, free downloadable games through which you can enrich your children’s knowledge on topics related to money, financial concepts, wise consumerism, and financial decision making, stories with a financial touch that can be read together and links to other sites where you can find more of this goodness.

Family economics for the elderly among us:

Teaching children financial concepts in life situations

Money doesn’t grow on trees, the relationship between income and expenses

A saving family to make a dream come true

Pocket money – how, how much and why


How to survive shopping at the supermarket with the kids

How do you talk to children about money? Every home and family has worldviews related to money. Even when things are not said loudly or openly, the messages are conveyed to the children through economic conduct. So how should you deal with your children on financial issues?

Family budget: why do you need it at all? – Want something from the deals? There is nothing like this question to illustrate how difficult it is to be a consumer in a world of abundance. So you manage a family budget and manage to both enjoy life and live at the level of income.

Lecture on parental authority and family economics, Sarai Gleb

Financial education with children:

Games free download

The games from Paamonim House are games that enable discourse and learning financial education through joint play. The games are free to download on the site.

Ladders and Ropes – an experiential family game that allows through play to examine with the children their attitude towards money, shopping, wise consumerism and proper financial conduct.

Bag-Tick-Tziv- What is a mortgage? What is interest? How do you decide what to buy at the supermarket? Bag-tick-tziv, an experiential game for the whole family, that will help you teach your child basic concepts in family economics.


“Bell” stories about money and its management published in children’s newspapers recently:

How money was invented

How do you save money? (Tulip)

The advertisements and we (letters)

Mom’s car (letters)

Recommendation: “If you go out, you reach wonderful places” by Dr. Seuss

Videos to watch together

Smart shopping needs or wants

Smart Shopping – Need or Want

Small expenses Big money

Small expenses Big money

Money is not child's play

Money is not child’s play – from the “My Treasure” website


Interesting links online about: Financial education


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