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Passover tips: how, how much and when to renovate

Paying for renovations, repairs, or painting your home before Passover usually costs more than at any other time of year. Still, how can you meet your budget?

Passover is also a kind of renovation holiday, according to statistics, tens of thousands of families renovate their homes before the holiday.
Who decided that it needed to be renovated? Was it a planned expense? If not, then why now that it is so expensive? If you do decide to renovate, before all the tips – first tip: Make a list of the things that need renovation the most and prioritize according to your budget.

The Sages have already said that “anyone who deals with construction is miserable” and therefore the following should be considered:

  • Set a budget ceiling for renovations and take into account an additional coefficient of at least 15 percent.
  • It is advisable to make sure that the professional is reliable and has performed similar work to the one you requested. In addition, everything must be summarized in writing along with setting a deadline for completion of the work.
  • Check the possibility of buying materials on your own, sometimes it can lower the price.
  • If you decide to replace the flooring, you will need to examine whether it fits the existing doors, so that one renovation does not result in others not being planned. And to examine for a moment before whether polishing + polishing will be more beneficial (this operation is significantly cheaper).
  • Not always the cheapest is necessarily the worthwhile one, or in other words, “don’t be rich to renovate cheaply.”
  • It is highly advisable to read online background on the subject and in general, there may be things that can be done alone and easily (and even with children and friends).
  • Check excess parking spaces and order enough materials for the renovation, there is no need to have stock.

Renovations are also possible on your own

Anyone whose budget does not allow him to renovate tens and hundreds of thousands of shekels can renovate the house for only a few thousand shekels. In case you are renovating on your own, unless you have the necessary knowledge and skill, it is advisable not to touch the plumbing and electrical system, so as not to cause damage and even disaster.

Here are links to videos and websites that guide how to renovate on your own:

Guides for renovating the apartment onthe apartment website

DIY guides at HomeAid

It is important to emphasize: if you have not prepared and checked and you are unable to make a significant change but a small change – it is a shame to throw money away, just save money for the renovation on the right date that will be efficient and accurate.

General tips in general renovations

Color: You can paint almost anything from furniture to walls, achieving a cheap effect of novelty and aesthetics. In any building goods store you can buy a color fan that displays the large variety of colors, take home and match the desired shade. Buy low-cost brushes, cover nylons and paint – and just get to work. The cost of self-painting of one room: about 100 NIS, including everything. Tip: Anything you want to paint should first be sanded with thin sandpaper for smoothing.

Grooves in the walls should be clogged with plaster before painting. If desired, you can paint a frame for the wall in a different shade, using thick masking tape around the wall. After downloading, the frame will be obtained. A sponge can be used to create an airy shade like clouds. And it is also possible to purchase special rollers for painting, on which a certain pattern that passes through painting to the wall is imprinted.

Ceramic gluing: possible alone. You purchase the ceramics in the ceramic warehouses or in surplus parking lots of the various chains, buy ceramic glue sold in all the supermarket chains, and simply glue the tiles with glue on the existing floor. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned before adhesion and acid should be applied to it so that the glue will catch better. If some of the tiles need to be cut, which requires working with a disk device, you can measure the desired size and go with the tiles to the ceramic factory (you can be interested in the service store if the factory provides the above service to customers).

Rifle application (sealant): It is very easy to apply a rifle alone. Just clean the surface thoroughly and dry it completely before applying.

Gypsum: Gypsum is a relatively inexpensive means of building walls, partitions and even furniture items such as niches, shelves, TV stands and wall terminations. The work requires good hands, but it is quite possible to do it alone and save a lot of money. Example: Building a TV stand out of plaster, including paint, will not cost more than NIS 1,000. Tip: It is very important when working with plaster to properly strengthen all the connections and rails on which the plaster is placed, to prevent future breakdown.


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