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Paamonim’s Financial College

Paamonim’s College for Financial Education is committed to providing inclusive financial education to a wider demographic with a focus on three key areas:

Organizations: Tailored activities geared towards social, public, and corporate organizations.

Educational Sector: Educational activities are designed for both formal and informal education.

Private Sector: Online and digital courses for young adults aiming to enhance financial management skills.

Activities offered by the college vary and comprise individual one-time lectures and ongoing process-driven workshops. Initiatives comprise collaborations with external entities, such as the probation service and the Jerusalem Municipality, and customized private courses.

Throughout the past year, the college has intensified its involvement within the Israeli educational system and is a listed supplier of the GEFEN Platform, offering programs for students ranging between grades 4 to 12.

The college has also extended its involvement in informal education, encompassing school holiday programs and year-round extracurricular activities.

Working closely with Paamonim’s learning and development department, the college constantly improves and updates its content to adapt to evolving circumstances. This includes significant enhancements to highly sought-after lectures and workshops.

We invite all of you to spread the word about the diversity of lectures, workshops, and courses available at the college. We are delighted to address a wide range of audiences and organizations.

For more information, please visit the Paamonim College website-

Activities under our Special Programs Department

The department for unique programs orchestrates tailored programs for exclusive target groups, in partnership with a range of governmental, social, and business entities. Each program is meticulously structured and functions in a way that adequately addresses the needs of the relevant audience.

Here are some recent highlights:

Following a government tender, we’re awaiting a decision on the “Beneficial Absorption” program for new immigrant support in collaboration with the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption. Paamonim has managed this program for 5 years, offering assistance, support, and financial guidance to new arrivals in Israel. We eagerly await the ministry’s response.

Working alongside the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, our “Sigh of Relief” program, administered at empowerment centers for highly vulnerable populations, is persistently advancing its current initiatives while also broadening the range of services offered within its established framework.

In partnership with Joint Ashlim, we are currently evaluating the initial phase of a unique program for individuals facing insolvency, as part of a larger rehabilitation initiative for those navigating bankruptcy proceedings. This pilot program has already assisted approximately 80 debtors and is complemented by workshops tailored for legal aid attorneys and professionals working with the Insolvency Commissioner.

In collaboration with the National Insurance Funds, the “Separation to Growth” program for individuals facing post-divorce challenges held three successful extended workshops. Two workshops were designed for men in Acre and Be’er Sheva, and another for women in Bat Yam. These workshops provided valuable tools, insights, and a supportive environment for participants to improve their financial management skills.

During this timeframe, we conducted targeted volunteer training sessions, equipping around 20 volunteers with the skills needed to assist women in shelters for victims of domestic violence as part of Paamonim’s Women in Shelters initiative and to support young individuals lacking family support through the Tachles program.

Paamonim in the Communities program has not only grown, it has also established a strong presence in areas such as Tivon, Yokne’am, the Beit She’an Valley, and the religious kibbutzim. We are excited to further extend the program to the city of Acre (Akko) in partnership with numerous local organizations.

Our achievements have extended beyond conducting a number of comprehensive, diverse, and long-term workshops in empowerment centers within various welfare departments.

We’re currently in the process of launching a pioneering partnership initiative with the Israeli Police, offering tailored financial counseling, workshops, and lectures to officers and retirees.

All of these remarkable achievements would not have been possible without the dedication of our incredible team members: Sarit, Zehava, Galit, Chen, Ataret, Yochaved, Lujain, Mor, Sivan, Sharon, Asia, and Meirav.

Our genuine appreciation extends to all the passionate and highly skilled teams actively operating in the field.

2023 Annual Report by Paamonim’s Research Unit

“Rising interest rates and the increasing cost of living pose challenges for many individuals in sustaining their accustomed lifestyles.”

A Paamonim survey on financial resilience, readiness, and financial capability, which forms the basis of Paamonim’s 2023 report, reveals that 45% of respondents struggle “to make ends meet.” Many of them are forced, on the one hand, to take loans and deepen their financial burden, and on the other hand, to make painful sacrifices. These findings indicate daily difficulties in managing and balancing their household finances.

For the second consecutive time, Paamonim’s Research Unit presents the Paamonim Financial Resilience Index. The index ranges from 0 to 100 points and reflects a household’s ability to cope with shocks and adapt to a changing economic reality.

The index score for 2023 stood at 65 points, indicating a moderate decrease compared to the score for 2022.

Note the following discrepancy: among individuals with low incomes, the index score is only 55 points, in contrast to individuals with high incomes whose index score is 85 points.

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