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Summer, everythingis so expensive, so few options, right


Our field reporters went online and checked the price range we can expect this summer in five different sections:
Food, transportation, accommodation, wet entertainment and culture and shows.
Before we get into the details, remember to look for benefits, discounts, coupons and deals!

Have you chosen to eat out rather than based on home cooking or sandwiches? One night out is with the kids and another is a quiet evening for adults? We’re here to help you understand the price ranges To man and provide both protein, vegetable and carbohydrate.

A falafel dish and a drink will cost you about40 Shekels, a vegan stir-fry, vegetarian sushi or a meat skewer, along with a side dish and drink will cost up to 100 Shekels, upgrading to a steak dish along with an appetizer / dessert and drink will take off to approx.200 Shekels If you want a quiet couple night in a fancy restaurant – before you even say to life – the bill per person will climb to around 400 Shekels.

By public transport You can purchase a day pass, which will cover all your expenses and increase according to the driving ranges between 18 To- 74, depending on the different ranges, You can find the exact price in the Equal Way Reform in the calculators section. Please note that up to age 18, The fee is fifty percent and for children under five years old, the ride is free for one child, Attached to each of the parents.

In the private car we will pay as 6.85 ₪ per liter fuel Plus price Parking, Starting In Shekels Individual And climbing until About 100 and fifty Shekels.
Renting a car for six days will start at 1200 NIS for a small car, 2700 NIS for a medium car, 4200 NIS for a family car and8900 NIS for a car with seven seats!

What else?
Shared vehicles – scanning, starting, driving, parking and paying.
These are usually small vehicles that will cost us 90 ₪ Day And shekel per kilometreSo he Economic Ranges Short until Medium.

If you are a couple with three children and you want to stay away from home, prepare the cash.
In an outdoor accommodation with 1000 stars you can spend a night in a regulated place for a price that starts at 180 Shekels. A two to three star hotel (which also brings with it service and breakfast and other pleasantries) starts at 1300 ₪, anothertiny star for the rating and the price starts from2700NIS and if you want luxury on the last star you will already pay about5000NIS.
And free? Look for friends and family traveling on the same dates and change houses!

Chilled water:
Tired of air conditioning and want wet entertainment?
The declared beaches and some of the streams are open for the benefit of the public and entry to them will cost zero round shekels!
A one-time entry to the Nature and Parks Authority website will cost you about98 NIS for a couplewiththreechildren, butpurchasinga cachefor450NIS will allow you annual entry to all the sites.
If you choose a refresher in a water park, you will have to part with NIS 150 per person before the benefits of the various clubs.
Remember to compare the feasibility of a one-time login, a tab and a subscription – the right choice can save tens or even hundreds of shekels.

Culture and Performances:
Before you rush to purchase tickets, follow the publications of the local authorities and the various entertainment centers, where you will find dozens of public shows for zero shekels.
Does the authority charge entry to some of the shows? A ticket per person will cost us approx 70 NIS.
Do you feel like singing / laughing as part of a show by well-known artists? We immediately climbed to the ticket for the price of 180 NIS.
A show by a senior Israeli artist / international artists can start at a price exceeding 300 ₪.

Nice summer.

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