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How much does it cost to enlist?

Once, nowadays…we’d get two pairs of uniforms, three pairs of underwear, three tank tops, three pairs of socks, a pair of shoes, a sweater, a teddy bear and a kitbag – andwe’d get by with that.” Are you familiar with such sentences? Remember what happened when your class was the recruit cycle.

So as with everything, recruitment to the IDF has undergone changes and changes, and around it there are quite a few economic expenses that it is important that we prepare for as parents and recruits.

In preparation for the recruitment of the upcoming August cohort, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the costs of NCOs (designated for security service) in preparation for recruitment. Costs? You ask After all, the soldiers receive all the equipment from the IDF: clothing, shoes and everything needed to enlist.
So it’s not. There are many costs that are not always taken into account and this is where the rules of routine of Paamonim come in:
Plan, budget, compare – and only then – purchase.

The Happy News – “Stars”

To the draft order you will receive, the IDF attaches a list of items, which you will receive at the military command center, according to the route to which you will be assigned, along with an additional list of all the recommended items, which you will be required to bring from home.
You want to get to know the lists – they appear on the IDF website especially for you, recruits and recruits.

To purchase these items you will get a “stars” budget.
You will receive the initial budget about a month before recruitment, another budget a month after and another one at the beginning of the new year.

How do you realize the stars?
The starsare designed for the purchase of two types of items: general equipment and sports equipment.
You planned the equipment list, you know what the star budget is, you compared the stores? Make sure they get stars – and start collecting the items.
Remember – the budget is limited and not always enough, That is why it is important to purchase quality products at discounted prices – where? On the Kaveret website that allows purchase and delivery to the soldier even during the service and therefore there is no need to buy in advance a large quantity of all the items.

Here too – remember that the fact that the seller says that it is “absolutely necessary” and that the specific item “all the fighters buy” still does not mean that this is what you need – at the end of the day, they are there to help you but also to generate profits for the store.
Not sure? Ask someone who is already on your intended path!

In some places, there are recruit parties.
Prepare a budget for this in advance and take the opportunity to request a gift to raise from the list of items you really want, leaving you with stars for the items you really need.

Immediately after recruitment, you will enjoy various rights worth hundreds and thousands of shekels – study them and make sure that what comes – you get.

And remember – after the service you can expect a lifetime in citizenship – so even during the service it is important to remember to save for a trip, a living or studies. The recommendation is to start saving between a third and half of your military salary, so that upon discharge you can fulfill your dreams and start life with the savings you have accumulated.

Most importantly!

Take care of yourself and us


Substantial and pleasant service.

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