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How do you do more with less? Tips for teens for the summer vacation

Did you go on vacation and money is limited? Thinking and planning will allow you to enjoy it properly.

  1. Try to find sources of income – freedom is a great time to work, in the Youth Work Guide, you can get ideas about the possibility of employment and also about the rights you deserve at work.
  2. Going out for entertainment – the great vacation has arrived with the desire to make the most of every moment, to spend time and enjoy and not to miss any opportunity for fun and experiences. However, every outing means spending money. Wandering around a shopping center, eating out, driving to the big city and entering the mall increases the chances of spending unnecessary money. Plan your outings and purchases in advance.
  3. Allocate an amount in advance for recreation – If you decide to go out, take an allotted amount with you in cash when it is clear to you that this amount is not exceeded. Going to entertainment with an unlimited amount (or credit card) incurs additional and unnecessary expenses.
  4. Set aside money intended for iron expenses – when spending time or traveling, allocate money in advance for the trip home, accommodation and food. With everything else can be “played”. It’s important that you don’t get stuck without money to go home, or without a place to sleep, or without food and drink.
  5. Try to find free or cheap entertainment – movie night at home with friends, going to the beach instead of the pool, borrowing books in the library instead of buying books, one-time or continuous volunteer activity. You can just hang out with friends at home, go to the beach with them or go for a walk. Recreation does not have to involve spending money.
  6. Check if there are coupons for attractions – you can download coupons from the various sites. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance for the event you want to go to. Group purchases usually lower the ticket price. Try to save on taxi rides – or arrange to drive a few guys together to split the cost of the ride.
  7. Be sensitive to others – When suggesting that friends join a night out or trip, consider the possibility that they may not have enough money. They may not have the financial option (and they don’t like telling you about it). The stress you unintentionally cause your friends unnecessary stress.Comics about the cost of teenage entertainment
  8. Sometimes you give up – there are situations in which you will have to give up part of what you planned, because you will find that you do not have the financial option to pay for the implementation of the entire plan. You have to take this into account, show self-discipline and give up.
  9. Free Digital Courses – Jointhe Ministry of Education’s digital courses: Python programming, HTML, C, animation and game development and more. This is not a school but an option for further work after you acquire the skill.
  10. Buying clothes – it is recommended to buy only as needed, and not just because I feel like it. It is important to make sure that the cost of the garment you intend to buy matches the amount allotted for this purpose. It’s a good idea to conduct a small market research while checking stores that don’t sell brands, markets and end-of-season deals. Purchasing clothes on websites can significantly reduce costs but it is also very easy to add more and more products to the basket, buy only what you need.
  11. Try to save electricity and water – obviously, the same switch you turn on the light, the computer and the air conditioner are also used to turn them off after use. Do it! In this simple way, contribute your share to saving on home maintenance expenses and thus help save on unnecessary electricity payments.
  12. Fill up with water instead of buying – we have a hot country and it is recommended to drink a lot, especially on the hot summer days of the summer vacation. Take a small bottle with you everywhere you go. There is a tap everywhere (sometimes with cold water) where you can fill the bottle and drink from it during the day. You can see it as the taste of life.
  13. 30 cents… It’s also money – think “green”… If you bought drinking bottles, do not throw them away after use. Collect bottles and cans and return them to collection points in supermarkets, adding “greens” to your pocket and contributing to the environment.


Want to manage your vacation money properly?

Use our guide and enjoy your vacation, worry-free (online guide)

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