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How do you define an economic goal?

Any time is a good time to make new decisions, from tomorrow I will start (save, lose weight, run) or quit (smoke, spend). Any time is also excellent for making a new economic decision.

We all know this strange feeling and the thought that occasionally crosses my mind: ‘If I had the strength and patience – I could save some money,’ or alternatively: ‘What good would it do if I saved a few shekels here and there?’ Deep down, we all know that we can improve many things in our financial conduct, but something is preventing us from taking the plunge. How to make new economic decisions and make economic change.

What is an economic purpose?

A financial goal could be to get out of overdraft, it could be to save enough money for a vacation abroad, a goal could be to renovate the house you’ve been dreaming about for years or replace your old car that breaks down frequently with a newer one. Each one and his goals, each and every one of his preferences, aspirations and dreams. One thing is for sure, the fulfillment of any economic goal depends first and foremost on you and the decision you make.

Guiding questions to help define a goal can be:

  • What are the destinations you want to reach?
  • What would you like to change in your financial conduct?
  • What makes you now try to achieve the goal you set for yourself?

How do you define an economic goal?

  1. The goal should be, specific and applicable.
  2. When? The goal should have a date for achieving it – the date can be in the near future, in a few months, six months, a year, but it can also be in the more distant future. The date must be determined not only according to desire but also according to ability and taking into account the time it will take to collect the necessary money. For large purposes, you need to prepare well in advance.
  3. A few? It is necessary to determine the amount of money necessary to achieve the goal.
  4. How? It is necessary to understand what these decisions mean in our ongoing monthly conduct, what changes we need to make in order to reach the target amount.

Auxiliary for defining the economic goal – download

Auxiliary to define an economic goal

It is recommended to paste a picture of the target, and hang in the house in a prominent place, so that you can
See the goal every day, and remember that we are working to achieve it.

Saying goodbye to barriers

If setting a goal was a secret, the whole thing would really be easy, but alongside defining a new goal, mental barriers immediately arise that make it difficult for us to achieve it. What are these barriers and what is the response by which we can overcome them?

“Making a change, seems too complicated to us”

It’s much simpler than it seems. When you sit down and put things in order, put everything in writing and see the picture clearer – the way to achieve the goal seems simpler, and possible.

“We don’t have the strength – it seems exhausting and Sisyphean”

Let’s talk about it. The desire to fulfill the economic goal you chose was not born yesterday. It pecks at you all the time, and sometimes you invest a lot of energy thinking about it, sometimes without sleeping at night because of worry, because the financial future is shrouded in fog? Unpleasant.

Now let’s weigh on the scale the amount of energy that needs to be devoted to fulfilling the economic goal you have set for yourself. True, this is a demanding and binding process and sometimes even frustrating, but after a short period of effort and effort, the distant goal will get closer and closer and you will be happy and energized that will fill your life.

“With our salary, we will never be able to save money to make our dreams come true.”

When people think about achieving economic goals, they usually assume that in order to achieve them, they need to cut expenses. Know how to make the right purchase at the supermarket, bargain with various suppliers and reduce costs, compare prices and save on entertainment. All this is true, of course, but it is not the only pillar.

True, it sounds delusional to you at first thought: ‘I work hard anyway – there’s no way to burden me anymore.’ You’d be surprised, but there are quite a few different ways to increase your income. It all depends on how much you want to achieve your goal, to work a little harder today so that you have more tomorrow.

“Dreams are nice, but what about enjoying life today”

In principle, there is no interest in a Spartan life full of sifting and a miserable life of poverty. Not at all. On the contrary, the goal in dealing with money correctly is not to hide it under the protrusions, but to use it logically and wisely, each according to his abilities. In order for you to enjoy life, you need to define what is really important to you, what your priorities are, and accordingly you will use your money to achieve the things that are really important to you. Want to go to more movies and cafes? Make sure you have free money and enjoy. Want a new car? Instead of taking out a loan, for which you will end up paying a lot of money (interest) – set aside an amount each month and purchase the car at its real price.

In summary, make a decision on one economic change that you can make this year. Work to realize it out of strength and faith in the process and not out of laxity and skepticism. It’s not easy, especially at first, but at the end of the process you can set new goals and the way to achieve them will be easier.

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