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Guide: How to deal with professionals and stay alive (and plus)

Computer hangs again? Sewage clogged? Does the washing machine bounce the fuse? Got stuck outside your front door without your keys? How do you find the right professional for you, how do you not pay more than you need and what things should you pay attention to?

A detailed guide before, after and while working with professionals.

Prescribe a remedy for the malfunction

  1. Don’t wait in times of trouble: Create a list of professionals based on personal recommendations you hear from friends and family.
  2. Maintenance: Keep devices operating properly to avoid breakdowns. For example: clean the washing machine with vinegar to prevent limescale, turn off the computer in an orderly manner, clean the filters of the air conditioner once in a while, clean gutters before winter, leave a key with a neighbor. Simple maintenance can save a lot of money.
  3. Don’t postpone until tomorrow: Don’t put off fixing a small problem and don’t try to fix it yourself if you don’t know exactly what to do. Delaying a repair can make the problem worse and result in a large expense and a repair that will take a long time.

Sorry, glitch

  1. Patience: Before inviting a professional, check the device/malfunction – is the socket in the plug, is the power button in the “ON” position, did rebooting the device solve the problem, did you put the cleaning liquid in the correct compartment? Maybe someone turned off the gas or water tap? Sometimes the “malfunction” is due to a mistake or distraction.
  2. Every Saturday has a Saturday night: ordering a technician on Saturdays and holidays doubles the price. See if you can postpone your reservation to a weekday. Closing the water break, for example, can stop the flood and give you more time.
  3. It is not always worth fixing: the price of many electrical appliances has been greatly reduced in recent years. Examine the “age” of the product that broke down and the cost of repair and consider whether it is worth repairing or buying a new one. Remember: the professional has an interest in correcting, you have other interests.
  4. Master the material: Learn the prices. Before ordering, check the price range used in that industry and learn the relevant professional terms.
  5. Warranty: Many electrical products have a manufacturer’s warranty for the first years. It may be possible to activate the warranty instead of calling the technician. Even if there was a malfunction, sometimes you can take responsibility for the repair.
  6. Insurance: Some home insurances include insurance against leaks and water failures. In this case, check which service and at what cost you will receive reimbursement from the insurance company and compare it to a quote from an outside plumber.

Choosing a Pro

  1. Stay around: Invite a local professional. You won’t have to pay for a long trip and you’ll also contribute to the livelihood of local people.
  2. Compare prices: Contact more than one Pro for an offer, you can use sites that compare professionals such as “Scaling” and “EProfessionals“. Remember not to rely solely on recommendations from websites – your eye print plays an equally important role.
  3. Below average: A quote that is too low should turn on a red light. It may be designed to attract you, and then high additions will pop up.
  4. Agree in advance: Ask for a detailed quote. Be sure to understand in advance what the price of a “visit” is and what the price of “handling” a malfunction is. Require the professional to obtain your approval for any additional work that requires separate payment.
  5. License: Exterminator, locksmith, gas technician and electrician need a license to work. Demand to see him.

Coordinating the technician’s visit and arrival

  1. Have you waited a long time for a technician? See if you deserve compensation. In 2008, in light of the large number of complaints about long waiting times for technicians, a law was passed aimed at preventing long waits and compensating the consumer in case of delay. The law applies to the visit of a technician within the framework of the warranty certificate given after the purchase of new products and during the warranty period.
  2. In cases of checking the integrity of the devices (e.g. the integrity of the set-top box), the technician may schedule a visit for you, provided that the waiting time does not exceed two hours after the scheduled time. The technician may be late or cancel provided he notified you the night before by 20:00.
  3. When is compensation due for lateness?
  • If the technician did not notify the cancellation on time – 300 NIS
  • Delay of more than 2 hours (beyond waiting time) 300 NIS
  • Delay of more than three hours 600 NIS
  • The technician may offer you compensation in the amount of money/product/service

In any case of complaint on the matter, contact thePublic Trust or the Consumer Council.

After the storm

  1. Do not purchase products or insurance from the technician : Many technicians supplement their income by selling ancillary and unnecessary products at an exorbitant price: washing machine cart, socket, supplementary dishwasher products, lightning-proof socket and insurance. If you need products, shop for yourself after market research.
  2. Don’t be tempted by combines: paying in the “black” (i.e. without receiving a receipt/invoice) is illegal, and in the absence of a receipt/invoice you have no proof that the technician actually existed and you have no one to turn to if necessary – certainly not to small claims court.

Were you satisfied with the service? Fergano to the service provider. Recommended to friends and on social media.

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