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Great holiday for the wise

Author: Tzoriya McKaiten
Between the Tu B’Shvat Seder and the Passover Seder – also the Purim Seder: thoughts and insights that are good for sustainability, for the bank account and especially for our proportions.

How much does it cost us?

Tu B’Shvat is behind us, and the outside is a collection of spectacular sights of nature and color. We marvel again, and in front of the green carpets, our promises to ourselves bloom – to be a little more compassionate to nature, a little simpler, a little more… Green.

Now, in the days of Corona, nature (and our banker, let’s face it) is really breathing a sigh of relief when we’re more at home, and busier than ever with second-hand shopping. And soon there will be the most carnival holiday there is: Purim. Masks, rattles, sweets, celebrations, a costume contest, the most original food delivery, dwarf and giant games, an elaborate Purim party, sumptuous alcohol, stand-up comedy on Zoom, songs and dances. A holiday of chaos. In a good way, yes? Wait, but on Tu B’Shvat we promised ourselves that… And come on: it’s not only “not green” for nature but also for our pockets. Even in Corona, and perhaps in honor of it, it is worthwhile to be smart and put ourselves in order.

Tidying up

Just like building a house or producing an event, here too it is worthwhile to act according to two basic principles, in cooperation with your spouse:

Write down the expenses you intend to make, and rank them by importance:

What is most important for you to invest in – new costumes? In the mitzvah of ‘gifts to the paupers’? At a feast? In the parcel deliveries? Maybe in a professional photograph of the whole family in costume?
Trekkers who also ask “why?” will sometimes be surprised to discover that the urge to invest stems from habit or unnecessary peer pressure. Delivery of dishes with a personal touch can be happier and less expensive than classic delivery…

Set a budget:

What is the maximum amount you want and can spend?
Consider your shared desires, family needs and values that lead you, just remember – the cake cannot remain intact.

Green costumes

Many parents fill the toy stores every year, forcing themselves to part with a few hundred shekels in favor of the costumes, but obviously it doesn’t have to be this way, on the contrary, it can be so cheap, easy, fun and green. Here are some examples:

  • DIY   20 years ago we fought over the only book in the library that offered 15 homemade costumes, but since then, the web has been filled with original and practical ideas for all levels and ages.
  • Give and take – send each other pictures of your old costumes, did you like? Swap between you. Agree on whether this is a question or a replacement for all eternity.
  • Community costume warehouse – exists in some towns and cities, and is based on the question. Check with the community coordinators, it is likely that this year it will operate in a different format. You may also be able to give your costumes that are no longer in use to the warehouse.
  • Buy – insist on buying? Good. Compare prices with safety standards in mind. If you choose to order from a website, make sure to make sure a few things: Is the site secure? Are the sizes standard and suitable for you? What is the cost of accessories and shipping fees? Are accessories necessary? Can they be prepared/obtained in another way? How long do I guarantee delivery? What is the return and exchange policy?


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