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Author: Yael Wilf-Shoham
What does a kilo of cucumbers have to do with bonds, and why women are afraid of their bank manager

What does a kilo of cucumbers have to do with bonds, and why women are afraid of their bank manager

Who knows how much a carton of milk costs? You’re probably thinking—a strange question. Who doesn’t? Yes, most women know. On the other hand, we know quite a few men who are sure that a carton of milk costs one shekel. Or twenty. It depends on who you ask. It’s clear to everyone that the ability to estimate the price of a kilo of cucumbers, a bottle of shampoo, children’s sneakers or a visit to the dentist is not reserved for women only, right?

Measurement and evaluation are not gender-oriented traits. Women don’t have more accurate information or data available to men about the rates of different goods and services, yet – a random check of items we all consume every day will give you completely different answers. Guess which gender would be closer and more connected to reality?

The year is 2021. Still, somehow, the prevailing public perception is that women and economics are something that simply do not go together. Cultural interest, so to say. No, fold the accusing finger you pointed at men: women also shy away from anything that “smells” a little financial. What about them and the economy? After all, they “only” take care of everything related to household finances.

One moment… What about those women who serve as supervisors and bank managers? Well, this must be some kind of distant phenomenon that you read about in the news. In everyday life? Do me a favor, check how much a kilo of cucumbers costs at the greengrocer’s and leave me the negotiations with the bank and the handling of your study fund.

The one who doesn’t know how to ask

If you’ve come this far and raised an eyebrow, you’re probably saying to yourself – well, really! We are not in Piptease. I know which bonds to invest in, I know who Kathy Wood is and what her fund’s ETF yields are, I know how much interest I pay on the overdraft or receive on my investments, and I also know how much my employer’s monthly contributions to my provident funds are. There’s no way there’s anything happening that I’m not up to date about in my checking account and my savings are going great, thanks for asking. If this is you, we are happy for you and invite you to volunteer with us at Paamonim in order to spread your knowledge and self-confidence and give it to other women as well.

Because actually – it’s not pleasant, but you have to admit it: statistics show that most women find it difficult to manage their own money. Yes, even those educated and senior women—when it comes to money management, just like witchcraft or bad karma—they keep their distance.

Don’t wait for catastrophes, don’t reduce yourself and don’t let fears and insecurities control you – learn on your own. Women are a million times better at asking questions, if you’re not ashamed to ask the jade why the same kilo of cucumbers cost 5.99 last week and 9.99 this week, why would you be ashamed to ask the bank teller why management fees increased by 0.2%?

Studies show that prudence and sticking to a goal are traits that result in high returns, much more reckless and overconfident. Harness your natural caution to your advantage. All the information is at your fingertips – online, on social media, with your friends… Don’t wait, make an appointment with yourself and get started today.

Knowledge is money

In the Facebook group Passing and Equals (also on Instagram!) which was established mainly to create a women’s discourse on financial issues, to advise, to get ideas and especially to stop being afraid, you can find great tips about your pension, provident funds, social security as well as taxation, mortgage and investments.

Doreen Hartman’s blog, popularly known as Solid, has already become a guide to life for thousands of people. Mrs. Hartman, who advocates financial freedom and self-management of money, has made a real difference in the lives of many women. Don’t be alarmed if you fall for a tough post (from the super-aggressive saving genre of cold showers and majedra pots)… Look for what’s right for you and start from there. Believe us, knowledge is addictive.

There are all kinds of Facebook groups that focus on investments, includingMoney talks , and of course – we also have friendly and focused content on thePaamonimwebsite that is updated on a weekly basis.

Our important message to women is not to be afraid of money management. Start reading blogs, posts, articles, opinions and forums and force your girls to do so from an early age. Knowing where your money is going and what it’s doing isn’t just a recommendation, it’s a must.

Happy Women’s Day!

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