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Does renewal require the purchase of a new one?

Renew without buying new, innovate and renew with second hand

The feeling of renewal and freshness of a new year accompanies all of us in these days before the holiday. The desire to change, innovate, and refresh the existing one does not require going to the store and purchasing new furniture or decorative accessories. Renewal can also be achieved through much simpler and cheaper actions, such as renewing and painting old furniture, reorganizing the space, and purchasing second-hand design products and furniture.

The purchase of second-hand products and furniture has become, in recent years, a popular option due to the strengthening of social and environmental values and in light of the need to reexamine consumer culture.
Second-hand furniture can be found in many stores, but most purchases are now made online.
The Agora website allows receiving furniture items for free and sites such as Yad2 allow the purchase of a product at a price that is ultimately determined in negotiations between the buyer and the buyer.
Recently, there has been a boom in Facebook groups where you can buy and sell second-hand products. In these groups, such as the second-hand flea group, you can find almost everything, from a single item to the full contents of a home. Sometimes, under the guise of groups selling second-hand furniture, quite a few brand new items are also sold. One thing is for sure, with an investment of effort and time it is possible to find a suitable product at a very discounted and attractive price.

A few points to consider when buying second-hand, recycling, renewing and modifying:

  1. Examine whether you really need to – have you proactively searched for a piece of furniture or just come across a tempting offer? Before purchasing – think twice about your real need.
  2. Is the product really suitable – Before purchasing second-hand furniture, carefully check that it fits your needs and its suitability to the existing furniture in your home.
  3. How much it really costs – examine the advantages and disadvantages of buying second-hand furniture versus renewing the existing one or purchasing new furniture. When considering the various options, consider the costs involved in repairing, renewing and painting the existing one, and the costs of transporting, disassembling and assembling a new product. Look carefully at the total cost before making a decision.
  4. Don’t buy a cat in a bag – When you buy second-hand furniture, check with the seller how long he has held the product and the reason for the sale. Ask for detailed photos – those in which the product looks good, and the dimensions of the furniture and full details about it. If the product is under warranty, ask to see it. The final decision can only be made when you see the product with your own eyes. Explain this to the seller before the actual transaction is made.
  5. Not everything is worth buying second-hand – there are used products that should be double-checked before purchasing. When disassembling and reassembling a piece of furniture, rest assured that reassembling it in your home will not be fraught with danger and that it will be safe to use. Get help from a professional if necessary.



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