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Cheap Fitness: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Want to get started and get fit? Fitness can also be done cheaply.

Why should I be fit at all? In addition to physical activity as a solution to health problems and their prevention (obesity, loose muscles, diabetes, lack of concentration, blood pressure, heart problems and more), fitness helps combine proper nutrition to improve quality of life. As we increase our level of physical fitness, we will feel more energy, relieve fatigue and reduce various stresses from daily life.

Fitness doesn’t have to be done in a gym

Fitness can be done for free: walking, jogging on the beach, exercising in front of sports channels and programs designed for this on TV, and just purchasing a simple skip will help you get in shape no less than a luxurious gym.

Many cities have sports facilities where you can practice outdoors. In these devices, body weight constitutes the resistance instead of the weights. It is always recommended to consult a doctor and undergo a stress test before starting an activity.

It is not good for man to run alone

Running or walking groups help bring sports into the agenda. It’s easier to give up on yourself if you do it alone. Commitment to the group serves as an incentive to embark on activity and perseverance.

  • If you need a framework, organize a group and take a coach together.
  • The chains have many running or cycling groups that get a cheap price for the sporting goods you need.

Sports equipment is expensive

Sports equipment costs a lot of money. Before you purchase expensive shoes, sportswear and a special bottle of water, examine whether you really need the equipment. Conduct market research for the items you plan to purchase.

Consult a doctor or dietitian about changing your diet if necessary before purchasing expensive protein drinks.

You have decided to sign up for a gym, how do you reduce costs?

Not everyone is a top athlete and the cost of “tomorrow I’ll start fitness” is high and sometimes turns out to be unnecessary, because reality shows that many gym registrants do not take advantage of the subscription. In order to see if you are persistent or not, first purchase a tab, examine how often you visit the gym, and then consider whether it is worthwhile and appropriate for you to purchase a subscription or not.

  • Bargain: The price you’re told isn’t necessarily the final price. Bargain! On the requirement for registration fees, departure and cancellation fees. Do your homework – find out how much other members pay and how much they require at nearby gyms.
  • Ask to experiment: Most institutes will give you a few days, including entrance to classes – check if the place is suitable for you in all respects: trainer training, availability of fitness equipment, condition of changing rooms and more.
  • Know the law: what you can and can’t charge you. Don’t sign on the phone until you’ve seen the contract. And delete draconian clauses from the contract to your liking.
  • A morning subscription costs less than an evening subscription, and in most cases includes a weekend subscription. The reason for the reduced price is that the morning is usually less busy. And if you can thread the workout before work, until 8-9 o’clock, you can earn tens of dollars a month. You don’t train on weekends, check the cost of a subscription that doesn’t include weekends.
  • Train alone: If you’re not training for the upcoming marathon or Olympics, you don’t need a trainer that costs about 150 NIS per hour. In most gyms upon registration, you will be accompanied by a free trainer who will introduce you to the machines on site.
  • Extras: Many institutes require payment for special classes such as Pilates instruments or TRAX. If you’re not swimming, don’t subscribe to the pool either.
  • Fitness apps: Download an app to use as a mobile fitness instructor.
  • Hand 2: The sites have many subscribers who sell their subscription at considerable discounts (moving house or workplace, sick leave).
  • Groups: Groups receive substantial discounts. Find out which jobs have discounts and find out if you can join at a reduced price.
  • Coupons: Coupons provide one-time or annual discounts. Always check the fine print and objections.
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