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Apartment for rent – with price flexibility

Author: Vered Barel
Looking to rent a cheap apartment? Ways to lower the rental price.

Rent is often the largest segment of the monthly budget. Rent costs in Israel have risen greatly in recent years, and not only in the center of the country. Sometimes it seems that there is no choice but to pay and remain silent, but sometimes it is not fate, and there are options to find ways to reduce the cost of rent. This mainly requires creativity and flexibility – and you’ll be surprised to discover that it won’t always involve compromising your quality of life.

Here are some ideas that can help you:

  • Try to locate the areas of the city where the demand for apartments is low compared to other areas of the city and the price will be accordingly.
  • If you work normal hours outside the home, or you are not one of those who are disturbed by a noisy environment, living in a building near a main transportation route is an option to reduce rent. Rear apartments near a main transportation route will also usually be rented at a lower price than similar apartments in quiet areas.
  • Apartments near educational institutions are also often unpopular and in low demand – if you’re an early riser, or you don’t mind the presence of parents or transportation vehicles and the hustle and bustle of children during the day, then an apartment near a school or kindergarten can help you save costs.
  • Do not rule out the possibility of living in a building that undergoes Tama – in many cities, Tama 38 work is carried out without evicting the residents. During this period, apartment owners are forced to greatly reduce their rent due to the problems of renting an apartment located in the center of a construction site. If you work long hours and stay in the apartment mainly in the evening and at night, living in this format will allow you to pay a very low rent without significant disruption to your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you live in a building that undergoes Tama “big on you”, check the possibility of living in a building next to a building that undergoes NOP, this factor also affects the demand of apartments and apartment owners in neighboring buildings are forced to reduce rent due to the influence of noise and dust.
  • Check the possibility of living near a cemetery. Some joke that apartments near a cemetery are the best because the neighbors are quiet. Cemeteries near residential areas are usually inactive cemeteries, so residents of nearby buildings are not likely to be disturbed. However, the natural fear of living near a cemetery and the unpleasant feeling it entails, reduces the value of these apartments. The result – low demand and correspondingly low rents.
  • As long as you are young and healthy, you can live on a high floor in a building without an elevator. Many tend to shy away from the thought of living on the third or fourth floor of a building without an elevator, which reduces the demand for such apartments – and the rent for them.
  • Most of the small apartments intended for young renters are furnished with basic furniture, with the most basic item being a refrigerator. An apartment that comes without furniture, with an emphasis on a refrigerator, will be considered a less desirable apartment by young people. If you are looking for a long-term apartment, it may well be worthwhile for you to invest in the purchase of furniture, including a refrigerator, in return for significant savings in rent, resulting from the low demand for such an apartment. Furniture, including a refrigerator, can also be obtained second-hand or from the Agora website, so you won’t necessarily have to invest large sums for the purchase of a new refrigerator.
  • No parking listed in the land registry? Is there a parking shortage on the street? Even if you do not have a car, this disadvantage can work in your favor, because the need for parking is important to many. This means a decrease in demand for the apartment and a possible reduction in rent. It is also a bargaining chip when renewing the lease.








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