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5 rules of thumb on: Buying food economically

Do not prepare for shopping at the supermarket
  1. Check what’s there: Check your pantry and refrigerator. Think back to products that you bought too much and threw away because they expired or rotted.
  2. Make a list: Prepare a list of products you will need in advance in the coming week. You can prepare a weekly family menu according to which you can prepare the list.
  3. Compare prices: Retail chains are obligated to raise the prices of various products online. You can compare the price of the basket you want to buy at supermarkets near you using sites like Price’s, My supermarket
  4. Stick to the list: Have you reached the supermarket? Remember that everything you need to buy is already at home. Don’t be tempted to buy a product on sale that you didn’t include in your list.
  5. Use what you bought: Use what you buy and have at home, and avoid perfection at the grocery store. Even when the fridge seems empty, with a little creativity you can cook nutritious foods.


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