Insurance is safe

Disability insurance, elementary, pension, health insurance – confused? The world of insurance is a whole world. The purpose of insurance is to protect us in the future and serve as a safety net for us, but it costs money. So what insurances are there? What should/should be done? Who can help us? Let us help you learn. This enrichment unit will help you learn about the variety of insurances available and what each type of insurance is. How to make a decision about insurance and who to consult.

A taste of the course:

What do we offer?

An enrichment unit of 3 lessons for self-learning at a time and pace that suits you.

Main contents:

  • Why do we have insurance?
  • What is the difference between an agent, consultant and marketer?
  • Familiarity with insurance products?
  • Considerations when buying insurance
  • Questionnaire preparing for an appointment with an insurance consultant
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