Course – A practical course for young men and women who want to grow financially – Zoom course – December

Are you familiar with these phrases?

    • Pension? Now? Who has a mind to deal with this, I’m still young…
    • It is difficult to master all financial arrangements
    • How do you make the right financial choices for me?
    • I want to know what the future will look like – but I don’t have much free time to devote to it…
    • Investments? What is this? What do you invest in? And where do you start?

Let us tell you something about money

We know. You want to grow financially but sometimes you get lost.

It’s hard to take control of all the financial arrangements with a sense of security that you haven’t missed anything.

You want to know what the future will look like – what will we need? A few? When? Most importantly. How exactly to prepare?

But you do not have all the free time in the world to devote to this, not everything is clear on the Internet and it is impossible to rely only on the advice of friends.

Paamonim offers every young man and woman financial guidance

We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you.

We invite you to get acquainted with the Course course, which was created especially for young people (single without children) who want to grow financially.

Take control of the situation in all financial aspects, without wasting time.

To achieve financial well-being, alongside the fulfillment of goals and dreams, and not in place.

And do it all in an independent way, but without feeling alone.

What will be taught in the course? (Or what do we offer?)

A course course for young people will be held on Zoom. In 4 guided sessions of an hour and a half, we will make sure to close all the financial corners that occupy and occupy you.

Practical. Relevant. Personal. In the course you won’t just sit and listen, it’s hard like that, isn’t it?

A course course is a practical course, with active participation and implementation of learners according to their individual needs.

The information stays with you. It is impossible to remember everything, therefore, in the course you will get access to a digital tool created especially for this course and concentrates all the information, links and tools in one place.

The digital tool will stay with you even after the course and will be updated according to innovations and changes.

Just come. You don’t have to come with a passion for economics, you just have to be young people who want to be financially calm and get ahead with their money.

Main contents:

Planning for the future financially with a tool that helps us be well prepared for the future and fulfill our goals – from small to large.

In the course we will learn about investments – how to characterize myself and choose the right channel for me? What options do I have and how do I get started?

We will understand how to easily take control of the bureaucracies and economic and drab arrangements that we didn’t even know we had to do (handling pensions, study fund, cancellation of fees, exhaustion of rights, income tax credit points, salary slip and more).

We will design the right way for us to increase revenue.

We will learn about our behavior and thinking patterns and adopt economic choices that will benefit us.

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