Growing assets

Investments or not to be? At a good hour you saved money and now the question arises where should you invest it? What will yield the highest return? In this enrichment unit that deals with investments you will learn about different types of investments, get to know basic concepts in the field of investments and you will be able to open up to a wide and fascinating world that attracts a lot of people who want to know how money can work for them.

A taste of the course:

What do we offer?

An enrichment unit of 6 lessons for self-learning at a time and pace that suits you.

Main contents:

  • Investing in every stage of life and in any amount
  • Basic Investment Concepts
  • Various investment channels
  • What is the capital market?
  • What are our personal considerations when making an investment decision?
  • Investment Management
  • Pension Assessments
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