Workshop on Wise Economic Conduct – Adapted to Power Centers

In the workshop, participants learn to manage their finances correctly…..

Structure of the workshop

Session 1 – We will talk about why we are here, why it is important to talk about money and reasons that affect the financial conduct of every person.

Session 2 – We will get to know the Bell Mirroring tool – mapping expenses versus income, learn how to build the mirroring table, talk about principles of budgeting.

Session 3 – We will talk about the realization of rights and the difference between need and desire, we will talk about important issues in parental authority and financial education.

Session 4 – We will talk about concepts from the world of banking, credit, loans, debt, and learn to set effective economic goals.

Where are the lectures given?

We reach everywhere in the country – from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

The workshops are conducted through experiential learning, with personal experience of the tools learned in the sessions.

The training topics are adapted to the characteristics and needs of the group.

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