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Designed for : Senior citizens (post-retirement)
Hebrew, English
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Senior Citizen Workshop

In the workshop, participants learn to manage their finances correctly…..

Structure of the workshop

Session 1 – Living in balance in the third age: We will learn how to map needs and define new goals adapted to the lifestyle to which we aspire in the coming years. We will learn tools for wise consumerism and how to map possible consumer traps, how to watch out for them and economic exploitation of senior citizens.

Session 2 – We will deal with the subject of social security, learn to identify all sources of income as senior citizens, talk about economic boundaries in the family – defining economic boundaries and priorities adapted to the new needs Meeting.

Session 3 – We will talk about wills and inheritances, what are the main decisions we need to make in the context of wills and inheritances.

Session 4 – On Employment and Leisure in the Third Age What do you do with your free time? We will learn basic concepts in the digital world.

Where are the lectures given?

We reach everywhere in the country – from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

The workshops are conducted through experiential learning, with personal experience of the tools learned in the sessions.

The training topics are adapted to the characteristics and needs of the group.

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