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Designed for: Young Adults | Families
Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Spanish
To order a lecture / training : Iris: 052-2245855 irisy@paamonim.org

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Managing the economic budget

In order to achieve economic goals, you have to learn to work according to a budget. The lecture will deal with building a budget and ways to meet it. As part of the lecture, we will learn to define a personal / family economic goal, assess the financial situation based on personal reflection and build a budget based on the values, beliefs and personal priorities of each and every one of us.

In this lecture we will deal with…

  • Setting an effective economic goal,
  • Principles of reflection (expenses versus income),
  • Wise consumerism and the difference between needing and wanting,
  • Principles for building a budget,
  • and meeting a long-term budget.


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