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Designed for : Families
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Financial Management Workshop for Families

In the workshop, participants learn to manage their finances correctly within their existing income framework.
We will learn what expenses can be saved and how, with the help of thought and advance planning, it is possible to generate much more from the same income.

Structure of the workshop

Session 1 – We will understand why we gathered for the workshop and why it is so important to talk about money, we will learn the bell tool called mirroring – mapping and examining expenses versus income, observation and analysis.
Session 2 – We will conduct a marathon of reflections in order to learn the tool and ourselves, explain and understand where we “fall”.
Session 3 – We will talk about priorities, what is between should and want, why we spend more money than we can and how to set goals and objectives
Session 4 – We will learn how to build a budget and manage to maintain it over time, how to change parameters according to changes in life. Summary and what we took from the workshop.

Expansion units

(Additional sessions are optional, you can choose two units per session, each session lasts about an hour.)

  • Banking unit: Familiarity with basic concepts from the financial world, tips for proper use of means of payment and for managing a bank account.
  • Parental Authority Unit and Financial Education: On Family and Money, Familiarity with Principles for Managing Family Discourse on Money and Family Economics, and Financial Education Tools.
  • Debt Dealing Unit: How is debt formed? How do you build a debt management plan and how do you avoid creating new debts?
  • Pension unit: why it is important to take care of pension savings, and how to act to improve pension conditions.
  • Savings unit: types of savings, dealing with the bank.
  • Salary slip unit: understanding a salary slip and its components, what are convalescence pay, contributions, deductions, points and social benefits.

Where are the lectures given?

We reach everywhere in the country – from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

The workshops are conducted through experiential learning, with personal experience of the tools learned in the sessions.

The training topics are adapted to the characteristics and needs of the group.

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