“That’s how we plan to get out of a minus of NIS 28A”

“That’s how we plan to get out of a minus of NIS 28A”

Tomer and Natalie have worked hard since they were discharged from the army, and even earned quite well. But when the children were born, expenses went up, and salaries didn’t change. Now they are determined to get out of it and dream of the day when they will not have to give up the pleasures of life

Who participated: Tomer (34) and Natalie (31), parents of Yarin (4 and a half), in a municipal kindergarten and Tahal (2), in a private kindergarten. Tomer works in printing and Natalie is a secretary at a law firm in the center. Tomer and Natalie have been married for 7 years and live in Bat Yam.

Housing: “Living in an old 3-room apartment in a good neighborhood in the center of Bat Yam. We purchased the apartment five years ago. Before that, we lived with Tomer’s mother in order to save for our own apartment. You pay a mortgage of about NIS 3,200 a month.”

Working hours:
Tomer has been working in printing for about 14 years, as a machine operator and department supervisor. He came straight to the factory in Holon from his military service. His working hours are 07:00-16:00. Natalie has been working at a law firm in Tel Aviv – office manager and legal secretary for about eight years. Working hours 09:00-15:00, once a week until 17:00.

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