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Group 738

Update on Wikipedia article – on the International Day of Family Economics

Wikipedia article – About the International Day of Family Economics
ישראל היום

Israel Hayom: Aid organizations in distress – tens of percent jump in requests for help

Over the past few months, there has been an increase of 10%-15% in calls to the Paamonim organization. 80% of…

Maariv: How to prepare for summer expenses with the expected price increase

Sharon Levin, Director of Public Relations: “The availability to receive money is very convenient, and this is problematic. It tempts…
ישראל היום

Israel Hayom: Wedding season is here – food prices jump by 25%

Due to price increases – couples are reducing the number of guests • Eesy2Give survey: A third of those who…

Channel 7: The college that rescues from an economic crisis before it arrives

Paamonim's College of Financial Education promotes preventive training

The Marker: A 14-year-old boy walking around with a credit card. What could possibly go wrong?

How much pocket money do parents in Israel give their children, do they prefer to do so in cash or…

Channel 7: About 20% are unable to purchase basic goods

Paamonim data show that over one-fifth of the Israeli public refrains from consuming basic goods at least once a year…
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