Zvika Goldberg appointed CEO of Paamonim

Zvika Goldberg has been appointed CEO of Paamonim, which accompanies and helps thousands of families across the country manage their finances wisely and responsibly.

Goldberg was elected to the position by the organization’s presidency after a thorough search process out of more than 250 candidates. Goldberg served for about a decade as the CEO of Be-Atzmi, an organization that assists women, men and families from all population groups in Israel in coping with deep and ongoing unemployment. In addition, he served in other public positions, including chair of the inter-sectoral roundtable in the Prime Minister’s Office. In the past, he served for 16 years in senior management and editorial positions in various media.

Goldberg replaced outgoing CEO David Kochmeister, who completed a 4-year term as CEO of Paamonim [after 8 years of volunteering in the organization], and is turning to the next challenge. Paamonim thanked Kochmeister for managing the organization, especially in the past two years, against the background of the COVID-19 crisis, when many families who found themselves in financial distress turned to the organization for assistance and accompaniment, and for the fact that during his tenure the organization grew and expanded and today provides a solution for all sectors of Israeli society.

Zvika Goldberg, the incoming CEO of Paamonim, said: “I am very happy to join an excellent and important organization, and to contribute to the ability of every person and every family to manage their finances responsibly, skillfully and honestly.”

David Kochmeister, outgoing CEO of Paamonim: “For me, the experience of managing Paamonim during these years was amazing. The volunteers, the workers at Paamonim, are dedicated, committed, and professional at such a high level that they push the social work of Paamonim to what it is. I pass the baton of management with a great sense of satisfaction to Zvika, and I am sure that this good work will only grow more and more.”

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