Uriel Lederberg Presents at JDC Board of Governors Meeting

People live for an average of 30 years after retirement and will see their income decrease by 50% during this time. Upon reaching retirement age, many people are unaware of their changing needs and unsure how to manage their future. Paamonim works together with JDC to educate people with the financial counseling they need, before they retire. The aim of the program, JDC Eshel, is to improve the wellbeing of the older adult population in Israel by advancing their autonomy, functional ability and independence. Our retirement planning courses ensure that people can make informed decisions regarding their retirement and continue to live financially healthy and stable lives.

Topics include:

  • Today’s Economy: How much money will I need to survive in today’s economy?
  • National Insurance and Pension: What will I receive when I retire? When should I claim my pension? Which plan should I claim first? What other benefits am I entitled to by the State as a senior citizen? We urge participants to speak with Israel’s National Insurance and independent pension consultants in order to make informed decisions regarding their retirement.
  • Family Boundaries: When calculating their monthly expenses, many people do not take into account the monetary support they provide to their children. Without a steady income during this period of life, it is essential to consider if supporting others will harm your own financial stability.
  • Free Time: What can I do next?
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