Banking, Credit and Loans

Banking, Credit and Loans

Information on dealing with the bank, emergency instructions on loans and credit

These benefits are useful when we are faced with a cash-flow problem and we have not found an alternative solution that will allow us to meet our obligations.

The Bank of Israel has issued a “Swords of Iron” War Assistance Outline and has outlined Explanatory material to the public and has defined the assistance to the various customer.

The Bank of Israel outline for customers includes:

People living or working at a distance of up to 30 km from the Gaza Strip, were evacuated from their homes by an official, those who were first close to the victims of the war, the abducted or the missing, the reservists or conscripts of Order 8.

Below is a concentration of information on all banking matters.

Please note that the information is updated frequently, we recommend that you keep informed and check for updated info. on the various websites. We also recommend that you consult professionals, before making a financial decision on handling these issues.

We are here to answer any questions and will be happy to help even in these difficult days.

You can contact us on our website’s chat, WhatsApp or Paamonims’ Facebook page.


  1. Bank of Israel outline for assistance to bank customers
  2. Guidelines on credit data database
  3. Bank of Israel-Help Center – list of questions and answers on various topics and help centers
  4. Information of the Enforcement and Collection Authority for debtors in execution and those in insolvency proceedings (In Hebrew only)
  5. Ogen – loans without interest or with subsidized interest
  6. Bank of Israel outline for First Circle customers
  7. Bank of Israel outline for second circle customers
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