Employment and labor law for employees, self-employed and employers

Employment and labor law for employees, self-employed and employers

Information on employment and labor law for employees, self-employed and employers

Is it allowed to fire an employee who did not show up for work because there isn’t a safe room on the premises? Do I have to come to work even if pre-schools and schools are closed? I stayed at home with the children, because the pre-school is closed, am I entitled to compensation? How can we deal with the loss of income until we get back to work?
It is important during this period to build a budget and even a flow (see the golden rules for conduct during an emergency) – based on our actual income and our actual expenses and make sure to conduct ourselves responsibly in order not to create additional financial risks.

How to manage financially during this period?

In general, the recommendation for employees who are can’t work in their previous place of employment or are on unpaid leave (and as of this time does not know what is expected of their return to employment in the previous place / field of work), is to try and integrate into the labor market as quickly as possible, in the original professional field or consider integrating into another occupational field, in order to increase income and, in addition, to exercise rights.

We have compiled information on employment and employee rights, for employees and the self-employed, at this time, below.

Please note that the information is updated frequently, we recommend that you keep informed and check for updated info. on the various websites. We also recommend that you consult professionals, before making a financial decision on handling these issues.

We are here to answer any questions and will be happy to help even in these difficult days.

You can contact us via our website’s chat, WhatsApp or Pa’amonims’ Facebook page.


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