Consumerism, food aid and grants

Consumerism, food aid and grants

Information on consumerism during an emergency, sources of food aid and grants

We don’t know when the current situation will end and how it will affect us financially in the long run. Therefore, we recommend not to postpone dealing with financial payments, reports, service cancellations etc.

Is the spouse who is in charge of the financial aspect, away from home due to the situation?
Take responsibility –  access your bank and credit card accounts and make sure you are up to date.
Listen to the instructions of the Home Front Command and make sure that you are prepared for a long stay in the Safe room. At the same time, no shortage of food or equipment is expected in the country. Avoid excess purchases and adapt your purchases to the number of family members and their ages currently, in your home.

We are here to answer any questions and will be happy to help even in this difficult time.

You can contact us via our website’s chat, WhatsApp or Pa’amonims’ Facebook page.

Government Offices:

Situation room of the Knesset of Israel – public inquiries – requests for assistance in any field related to the war

The Israel Tax Authority – Compensation Fund for financial assistance to those evacuated from their homes

National Insurance – assistance and support for civilian victims and their families

Consumerism :

Ministry of Economy and Industry – hotline for reporting price hikes and unfair trade

Moked 103 – Electricity company call centre  –  call 103 – financial assistance or technical difficulty in meter charging for MTM owners (meter charged)

The Authority for Consumer Protection and Fair Trade

The Israeli Consumer Council – information and assistance (In Hebrew only)

Netek – assistance in disconnecting communication and water services and more

Food aid:


Pitchon Lev

Assistance for the disabled:

Purple Situation Room – an aid center for people with disabilities (In Hebrew only)

Mental and emotional assistance:

The resilience centers in the local authorities (In Hebrew only)

Eran – Emotional First Aid

Natal – Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center

Enosh –The Israeli Mental Health Association

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