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Financial guidance

Financial guidance

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Paamonim’s  Volunteers are our biggest asset – they are the driving force of our activities, and at the heart of our work. Volunteers support families nationwide in Israel with financial empowerment, providing guidance on how to assume financial responsibility .

The accompanying role is to oversee and guide families to manage their personal home economics activities, and how to deal with past debts created, often due to incorrect management of the household.
In conjunction with the accompanying guidance is required to use the skills in the economic and emotional: It must be sensitive and empathetic but also systematic and focused in the rehabilitation process of the family. Sometimes it will be required to negotiate with creditors, such as banks, charitable enterprises and municipalities.

As an integral part of the process will escort accompanying document the activities regularly through internal Web Programmer bells and among others to write a summary after each meeting with the family. Available to the lender is going to give it a professional staff support, training and assistance on all matters arise during the escort.

Basic knowledge economy of the report (willingness to engage in numbers).
At least two years experience in managing a household budget.
Age 27 and over (except bells program students).
Basic knowledge of computer use (office) and Internet environment (e-mail box – optional).
Interpersonal abilities: empathy, sensitivity, ability bride, assertiveness, reliability, responsibility and dedication.
About Volunteering

12-10 hours of service per month.
Mentoring process is unique and varies from family to family and lasted a few months to a year. Although sometimes necessary consultation meeting family only one or two.
If necessary, require the volunteer to accompany two families at the same time.
Family support will usually family living in the area of ​​residence of the volunteer.
During the escort and as an integral part of the escort has a duty to report regularly on the activities of the lender through an internal Web Programmer bells. This obligation also includes writing a summary after each meeting with the family.

Training, continuing education and professional assistance