Reichman University Branch

Students volunteer at Paamonim in roles of accompanying families, guidance and management. In addition to the escort activities, the branches promote proper economic conduct on campus through lectures and workshops for students.
Place: Reichman University
Number of volunteers: 60

About the program:

Participating University: Reichman University
Branch Manager: Noa Tene
Chief Rabbis: Yaakov Hazut, Avia Sharvit, Paz Gavra
Contact email: upcoming recruitment date:
September 2022, it is recommended to send your resume / interest email beforehand.

Training Location: Reichman University

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Reichman University Branch

Students, looking for meaningful work?

About 400 students volunteer in Paamonim’s student system each year.

Students volunteer at Paamonim in roles of accompanying families or guiding at-risk youth. The branches are managed by a leading team of student volunteers, who have been promoted to managerial positions, after a successful year of activity as family mentors or guiding at-risk youth. In addition to the accompaniment and guidance activities, the branches at the universities promote lectures on proper financial conduct and a service for short personal accompaniment – from student to student.

Job definition

The role of the lender is to accompany and guide the families on how to properly manage the ongoing household finances and how to deal with past debts that were created, sometimes, due to mismanagement of the household.

As part of the accompaniment process, the escort is required to use skills from the economic and emotional spheres: he must be sensitive and empathetic, but also systematic and focused on the family’s rehabilitation process.

As an integral part of the accompaniment process, the escort will have to document his activities regularly using customer management software, and among other things, write a summary after each meeting with the family. The escort has at his disposal a professional team, based on students who graduated from the program and a professional team of Paamonim consultants who will provide him with support, guidance and assistance in any matter that may arise during the escort.

The peculiarity of student paamonim

The volunteers in the program gain knowledge and experience on their own with tasks that require the family, including monitoring and controlling their expenses. The combination of the process of accompanying the families alongside the encounter with the consequences of negative economic conduct establishes good foundations for proper future management for the student population that is at the beginning of personal financial independence, alongside an opportunity for significant social action.

Training, continuing education and professional guidance

At the beginning of the school year, recruitment and screening take place at all relevant institutions. After that, the volunteers undergo professional and intensive training for about 30 hours of study, which includes in-depth familiarity with the process of accompanying the family, both in the economic-financial aspect, including learning tools for proper economic conduct and concepts in banking, as well as in the emotional and motivational aspects.

Throughout the school year, the volunteers receive regular guidance by a team leader and undergo a number of professional trainings. In addition, Paamonim operates a counseling center that facilitates dialogue with counselors in various professional fields according to the needs of the families.

Students Say

“Amazing course. Gift course. I think it’s one of the most effective social work courses.”

Social Work Student, Ariel University

“I think it’s a life course, both for us and for our clients, it gave practical tools for how to work and move forward.”

Social Work Student, Ariel University

“A really important course, a must for every social work student”

Social Work student, Ariel

“Financial education is the most important thing I could have learned this semester, I take this course for life and embrace it with my hands wide.”

Peres Academic Center student, Department of Business Administration.

“I’m very happy that I chose this course, I learned a lot from it for my personal financial conduct, I took a lot of life tips and also passed them on.”

Peres Academic Center student, Department of Business Administration.

“The course is successful and allows for a financial leap, Ephraim taught the course Wisdom of Life and gave tools that I think will accompany me up to 120, thank you!”

Peres Academic Center student, Department of Business Administration.

“This issue is very important and significant as part of training the younger generation of social workers, who in their daily work will be in therapeutic contact with families with daily difficulties, and providing them with the tools for necessary and important professional conduct.”

Prof. Yael Latzer, Head of the School of Social Work, University of Haifa.
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